Paris Saint-Germain ready to pounce for Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior or Barcelona’s Lamine Yamal

Paris Saint-Germain have a history of splashy signings from La Liga, and Brazilian Vinicius Junior certainly fits that bill. Real Madrid have no intention of Vinicius Junior going anywhere though.

The French champions are on the lookout for star signings after the exit of Kylian Mbappe, and Vinicius is one of the names that is being monitored by PSG, as per RMC. Diario AS carried the story, and go on to explain that Vinicius is not for sale, and his happy at the Santiago Bernabeu, but PSG’s interest is merely in case the opportunity to sign him. The situation with Barcelona’s Lamine Yamal is similar – given the chance PSG will move for him if they can.

Real Madrid will not be unduly worried about PSG’s interest, as Vinicius appears delighted with life in Madrid. Barcelona appear to have renegotiated a deal for Lamine Yamal tying him to the club long-term, but their financial issues will always leave a degree of concern for Culers. They could likely solve much of their financial strife in one fell swoop with a deal for the teenager.

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  1. I know you are desperate to see Yamal leaving because you are terrified of a 16 year old – that’s how shitty your GAYlacticos are – but he’s not for sale, not to sandnigger terrorist Al-Khelaifi or anyone. You know that once he reaches 18 years it’s going to be 5-1 at the Camp Nou and 0-4 at the Bernabeu for Barca all over again buahahahahaha. Barca’s easiest fixture of the season AS ALWAYS.

  2. PAHAHAHAHA No Khelaifi, dont help the bums out, Yamal is hugely overrated anyway and was barely noticed at clasicos or CL anyways.
    Let the club slowly selfimplode and when they collapse under the burden of HGHPissdwarfs wage aftershocks and decade of mismanagement, then you sweap in and p*ss on the rotting corpse of diIdoIona by purchasing assets that need to be liquidated as they put forward bankruptcy request.
    Basically yamal is the new fati, he is brought up with losing to Madrid mentality and fearing the club, while being invisible on the big stage, as he is developed improperly.
    He will choke in decisive moments as this 0 trophy season, his first; is inprinted in back of his mind.
    Not to mention he will break down from being overused like pretty much every anaIona prospect so far.

    Now is not the time, it will be soon though. Already after upcoming 2024-25 zero trophy season, they will be panicking and ripe for picking.


    1. Saying yamal is overrated is the stupidest insult you can give to a player who completely humiliated camavinga. The same player to earn a standing ovation at Santiago from the so called Madrid fans… Is your hate boner for Barca affecting your judgment or you are just that daft!? The same player performing for Spain which I can remind you off is also Santiago home, don’t you dare diss talent when you see one. You hate Barcelona, that’s your fap business, don’t you dare insult someone who is trying his Best to play for you so called Madrid fans at the Euros 😘

    2. We lost the match!! That’s bad….. But watching ancellotti removing cama because he couldn’t handle lamine was beautiful 😂 modric, brahim even rudi had turn going at lamine… So take your overated comments back. You can’t blame one Tyre for the engine misfortune 👂

  3. MC is doing Gods work here, look at all the racists coming out of woodwork because he is messing with their heads.

      1. Bro forgot about 11-1, 8-2, 6-1, 5-0.
        Tell us how you really feel about recent couple of years and being second best to Real.

          1. If by last you mean season before this one, it was well… great. Real won three pieces of silverware, actually more than Barca won in three years combined and exactly the same figure they won in 5 last seasons together.😂😂😂

            How was year before that one though? Tell us about 19/20 and 20/21 as well.

  4. Fati was never over played! The stats prove It, pedri was. So.. get that assumptions that fati was over played 👂his injuries are bad but it is what it is… Take note, Jude has been playing 90mins since 16 so don’t blame others bad luck when you clearly have your own

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      cant believe one post from M.C brought out 7 rants from this donkey over four different names

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