Liverpool star tells Barcelona they are not in his plans

Liverpool star Luis Diaz has been outlined by Barcelona Sporting Director Deco as their number one target for the left wing position, at least were money to be no object. Yet the Colombian winger has not entertained the idea at least publicly.

Diaz is reportedly a Barcelona fan, and has been since he was young, while Deco sees him as the best option on the market for the Blaugrana, feeling he can operate well in small spaces and in the open field.

Speaking while on Colombia duty though, Diaz was not going to fuel speculation about his future.

“I am very happy at Liverpool, it is a great team and club, I always wanted to play there, so I am very happy and relaxed. I’m not thinking about anything else, I’m thinking about the Colombian team, which is where we are,” Diaz explained to Gol Caracol, as quoted by MD.

Reports coming out of the Catalan capital say that if Barcelona could find a move for Raphinha this summer, then Deco would move for Diaz. Even so, that idea seems somewhat far-fetched, given there are no guarantees Barcelona will be able to spend at all, and Liverpool would demand a high fee for the 27-year-old, who still has three years left on his deal.

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    Another one that turned them down??

    Dildolona doesnt seem to be in anyones plans nowadays. I wonder why.

    Well could it be the going nowhere in sporting sense? Even Liverpool is doing better than them atm.
    Could it be that they have zero respect for players they purchase that come from outside the cesspool called la Masturbia? And force players to lower their guaranteed wages, by contract (or else)?
    Could it be all the coach problems and bribery scandals?
    The economy thats going straight down the drain, will they have money to pay a player wages one day? As things are going, I dont know.
    Could it be the way they treated rotbench?
    Could it be these frequently occurring zero trophy seasons, with 2 won in last three years?



  2. Lol. Notice how the player did not mention Barca at all. Just the typical “I’m happy where I’m/I’m focused on the national team” every player repeats when asked these kind of questions, and that the flaming homosexual “Ruairidh Barlow” presented as a message singling out Barcelona, because he is shitting his pants at the thought of Barcelona making any signings, I mean the GAYlacticos can barely compete with a Barcelona of mostly youngsters and plagued by injuries.

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