Former Mallorca defender opens up on time Javier Aguirre “almost died” – “We saw him badly”

Javier Aguirre left his position as Mallorca manager at the end of last season, and he certainly made an impression during his two-year spell in charge at Son Moix. Jaume Costa, who has now also left the Balearic side, was one of those to be enamoured by the Mexican.

Jaume spoke to Relevo recently, and he opened up on a rather shocking story involving Aguirre: when he choked on a piece of bread, and had to be saved by one of the doctors at Mallorca.

“An anecdote that you don’t know about Aguirre is that almost he almost died at the training ground. One day I was going to breakfast and I saw him going out with the doctor and the doctor hitting him in his windpipe because he had choked on a piece of bread, and we saw him, we saw him badly.

“All of us who don’t know about medicine or help or saving lives think that when we choke we have to drink water, and that’s a mistake. What you have to do is try to get the food out. When Aguirre choked, he started drinking water. Of course, all the water stayed in his throat. When the doctor went to squeeze him and took out that bread, he began to throw up all the water.”

Aguirre was certainly a top character at Mallorca, and it will be very interesting to see where he ends up next in management.

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