Toni Kroos set for coaching role at Real Madrid after retirement

Real Madrid legend Toni Kroos – his retirement this summer precipitates the use of the term – will not just continue to live in the Spanish capital after the summer, but will also continue giving back to Los Blancos.

Kroos is currently with the German national team, preparing for a home Euros, where he hopes to sign off with one final trophy, following a league and Champions League double at Real Madrid. Asked about his future plans after retirement, Kroos explained that he was set to coach in Real Madrid’s academy. Diario AS carried his words.

“Mainly with my family. I will continue with the podcast with my brother Felix. And I will work in the Real Madrid academy. Starting in September, the Icon League (a new futsal tournament) will also begin. But it is also clear that I am not going to get involved in 18 projects now to become as busy as when I was an active player.”

The 34-year-old maestro said there would be no nerves nor extra stress playing the final games of his career at the Euros, although confirmed there was a certain sadness to his final matches.

“Yes, those moments exist and will continue to exist. I am clear that I will never develop as much talent for anything in life as I do for playing football.”

Credit to the interviewer, who asked perhaps the question many fans would’ve have put to him – why?

“Because I simply want to be remembered as the 34-year-old Toni Kroos who played his best season for Real Madrid at the end. I did it. I consider it a compliment that many people think that the moment has come too soon.”

Regardless of what happens at the Euros, he will end his career as the most decorated German footballer in history.

“That is very important to me. I always wanted to win titles. Since I played football, I wanted to be successful. Each individual title was important for me, winning the Champions League was the great motivation before each season. Having achieved it in the end means a lot to me.”

Kroos might not get many nerves on the pitch, but the less gifted with the ball will empathise with the first Real Madrid academy talent that miscontrols the ball in front of him. Great players do not necessarily make great coaches, but Real Madrid’s youngsters will have the chance to mine one of the greatest footballing brains in history.

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