Real Madrid against Club World Cup despite €150m bounty on offer

Real Madrid are not altogether pleased with the upcoming inauguration of the Club World Cup next summer, despite the large financial incentives. Los Blancos are already facing a packed calendar, and it could mean another seven games.

According to Relevo, Real Madrid are against the new FIFA competition, which will consist of 32 teams from across the globe, and following the format of the current World Cup. European sides participating will earn €50m each, and the prize money for winning the competition reaches a further €100m.

In spite of that, they feel that it will ‘kill the footballers’, and that it is pushing stars who are already at their limit mentally and physically. If Real Madrid go all the way in all competitions, they will play 72 times next season. Their season would begin on the 14th of August 2024, and end on the 13th of July 2025, sealing an 11-month stretch without a break, save for a week at Christmas.

Real Madrid are yet to raise their voice publicly about the matter, which no doubt would be the first step. They hold plenty of power as an institution, and were they to create a common front with other large clubs, no doubt they would be able to impact the decision-makers. However that would also require building bridges with a number of clubs and organisations that they have alienated through the Superleague project.

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