WATCH: Kylian Mbappe reveals Serie A preference ahead of expected Real Madrid move

Real Madrid fans are awaiting the arrival of Kylian Mbappe with bated breath this summer, after years of pursuit, and a last-minute U-turn in the summer of 2022. That is still expected to happen, but it might raise an eyebrow to hear him declaring his affection for one of their historic rivals in Europe.

Mbappe was present at the Globe Soccer Awards in Sardinia on Tuesday night, and speaking to Sky Italia, explained that he was a Milan fan as a child, and his dedication to watching the Rossoneri, throughout life. ‘You never know what can happen,’ he repeated on sseveral occasions.

The French forward has declared on multiple occasions that joining Real Madrid was his dream too, and it looks as if he will fulfil it. Mbappe is expected to sign a five-year deal at the Santiago Bernabeu, which would tie him down for many of his best years, until the age of 30. After that, you never know what can happen.

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    He’s not even there yet and he already pisses on the Madridiots by saying he would rather play for another club.

    1. how did your praying to God to act with divine powers to bring you Mbappè go?

      by logic of outcome, you either didn’t pray hard enough or simply that God isnt trifled with wishes of toilet bugs ha ha

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    I know that you are an illiterate mongoloid who cannot read nor write, but where does it say he “would rather”?

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    You already fantasized about 15 years of Barcelona dominance, figured this another of your mentally ill imaginations. 😂

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