Spanish Court rules partially in favour of Superleague amid monopoly case with UEFA and FIFA

A Madrid Court has ruled partially in favour of the Superleague, declaring that UEFA and FIFA have been acting against the right to free market competition. However those against the Superleague say the ruling has little material effect.

The Madrid ruling follows on from the ruling of the European Court of Justice, that UEFA and FIFA were not legally allowed to punish teams for setting up a different competition. The same ruling was given by the Spanish court, and both UEFA and FIFA have been ordered to halt any such measures that harm teams looking to set up a new competition.

However the court did consider that the Superleague had been ‘abandoned’ by its own investors, and no longer consisted of the project that had been started. That was pointed out by La Liga President Javier Tebas, who has been the Superleague’s most vocal critic, and claimed that the it ‘adds nothing significant’. The ruling is open to appeal.

Real Madrid and Barcelona remain the only sides in the Superleague, now being organised by A22. Despite claiming widespread interest after the presentation of their new format, only Napoli have expressed any public interest in the project.

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