Joan Laporta confirmed Xavi Hernandez sacking from hospital bed

Barcelona’s decision to sack Xavi Hernandez has taken another bizarre twist.

Xavi will lead Barcelona for one final time this weekend as they head to Sevilla for their last La Liga game of the campaign.

The club’s call to remove him from the La Blaugrana bench has been a controversial one with fans split over wanting Xavi to remain at the helm.

The former Spanish international initially opted to change position over his call to leave at the start of 2024.

Joan Laporta talked Xavi into staying, before the president led the movement to finally remove him, following crunch talks.

As per reports from Marca, Xavi’s visit to Laporta in hospital confirmed his departure, with the latter taken ill earlier this week.

The report indicates Laporta told Xavi he was taking the call as a ‘logical’ move despite his personal affection for him.

Xavi’s exit was formalised earlier today, with the current boss wanting the situation addressed quickly, despite having one game left to play.

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  1. Am sad i really love xavi and want him to remain, Laporta should av allow him to leave as he already said he’s gonna step down at end of the season instead of convicing him to stay just to sack it’s unfair but i wish Xavi all the best#goodluck cule legend#barca for life#one love xavi

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