Annoyed Xavi Hernandez set for meeting with Barcelona chief Joan Laporta in coming hours

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez will meet with President Joan Laporta this afternoon to discuss his future, following a number of reports stating that he will be sacked at the end of the season.

Laporta was reportedly furious with Xavi’s statements in Barcelona’s pre-match press conference ahead of Almeria, adding to previous doubts he had, those from the board, and a rocky relationship with Sporting Director Deco.

For Xavi’s part, his camp assure that he ‘doesn’t know anything’ about Laporta’s fury or any plans to sack him, and Diario AS say they are rather annoyed about the media storm surrounding him. He will now meet with Laporta this afternoon in Barcelona to discuss matters.

He is surprised by the news, and relaxed about his position, but disappointed in the leaks coming out of the club. Xavi is also ready to explain his words, where he stated that Barcelona could not compete financially with their rivals.

Laporta meanwhile wants explanations from Xavi on his words, feeling that the promises Xavi had made when they agreed to continue were broken, as per MD. During that meeting, Xavi seemingly explained that he believed in the squad as it was, without major surgery – Laporta will ask him if that remains the case.

The elephant in the room is the financial implications. Reports put the cost of sacking Xavi and his staff at between €12m and €20m, should he not agree to waive the fee, it is an extra factor for Barcelona to consider in any decision. Givent he club’s financial situation, it may well be decisive.

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    as always, hoping for the worst outcome possible for them

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  3. Man it is so much fun picturing the Barcelona bitch on this site screaming into his pillow at nights (besides biting it as he usually do) in pure frustration over what is going on in this craphole of a club 😀 😀

    1. Lmao true; I swear half the joy from RM winning derives from the mongs agony nowadays, knowing that he is feeling terrible and borderline psychotic.

      His suffering is almost tangible too, you can really feel the pain when he types his tear stained drivel and laments over how things were better 15 years ago when Hghessi played here ahahaha.

      I cant even tell you how much I revel in his agony, its like laughter therapy – a true rush of dopamine washes over me. He wouldt be around here typing if he know how much his tears nurture me xD

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