Carlo Ancelotti hints at recreating iconic photo during Real Madrid’s La Liga title-winning celebrations

On Sunday, Real Madrid will celebrate their La Liga title victory, which was secured last week when Girona defeated Barcelona. Visits to the Madrid City Hall and the headquarters of the Community will take place, before the classic meeting with their fans at the fountain of La Cibeles.

Back in 2022, after celebrating their La Liga and Champions League crowns, Carlo Ancelotti was pictured alongside Vinicius Junior, Eder Militao, David Alaba and Rodrygo Goes in iconic fashion, as he wore striking sunglasses and smoked a cigar.


After Real Madrid’s victory over Granada on Saturday, Ancelotti was asked about recreating the picture (via Diario AS), and he gave a positive answer.

“Yes, sort of. (I’ll have) a cigar and glasses.”

It promises to be a great day for Real Madrid, its players and coaching staff, as celebrations get underway on Sunday. They will hope for another next month, when they contest Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final.

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  1. Let’s face it. Real Madridiots having white shirts made them all the more suitable for Messi to use them as a rag and wipe the floor with them for 15 years and build his entire career as the GOAT on repeatedly humiliating them. Madridiots, their entire club, the players they bought and managers they hired in trying to stop him are essentially extras that Leo used to ascend to the top of the world.

    1. Hello illiterate cretin.
      You are referring to short fellow who bankrupted your club and gave you (together with some tips to refs) 5-6 years of respite from 100 years of whopping. Now that he is gone and club is in ecomomical disarray thanks to overpaying same short fellow who left you for more money, I am enjoying every second of your misery. Only an idiot would pawn his future for a couple of years success, but when you’re desperate and in pain of being beaten for a century… bad decisions happen. Only an idiot would call that via viable, but then again, you are an idiot, managers of your club are idiots as well and your current situation is what happens when you think shortsighted.

      Get used to this, things are back to normal, you are reduced back to arsewipes of football and I can’t stop laughing at your current situation which looks grim for years to come.

      Too bad we didn’t draw you in Champions but there is always next year. How are transfers going? You got any table scraps? Haha!

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