Borussia Dortmund defender lays down terms of engagement with Real Madrid – ‘Same s***’

There’s no shortage of players talking about respect for Real Madrid in the Champions League, and their record certainly seems to inspire fear in many of their opponents. Borussia Dortmund defender Julian Ryerson had little of that.

After Dortmund knocked out Paris Saint-Germain, the Norwegian was speaking to TV2, when he was asked whether he preferred Bayern Munich in the final or Los Blancos.

“[It’s the] same s***. Whichever one comes, comes.”

‘[Same as] right or left?’ the reporter asked.

“Same s***,” responded Ryerson confidently.

Dortmund certainly face a gauntlet to lift the trophy for just the second time in their history, against a Real Madrid that had half of their Champions League total when they were victorious over Juventus.

The Spanish champions go into the final as heavy favourites at Wembley, but Dortmund will have little to lose. Dortmund have been underdogs in both of their previous clashes against Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, but Real Madrid are a different beast altogether.

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  1. If you type in his answer in google translate, it yields “same hell” or “same devils”. Faen seems to be a word for damn, hell or devil. Not same shit. Correct word for shit is “dritt”.

    Top tier journalism, as always.

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