Luis Rubiales to stand trial on charges of sexual assault and coercion

In recent months, Luis Rubiales has been under investigation by the National Court in Spain, having been reported by Spain footballer Jenni Hermoso over the non-consensual kiss that the pair shared in the aftermath of La Roja’s Women’s World Cup victory last summer.

Francisco de Jorge, the judge of the National Court, has now returned his verdict on the matter, and he has decided to open an oral trial, as reported by Marca. Rubiales will stand accused of committing crimes of sexual assault and coercion. As part of this decision, the 46-year-old must pay a bail fee in the 24 hours in order to face the possible civil liabilities.

As well as Rubiales, the trio of Albert Luque (sporting director of Spain men’s national team, Jorge Vilda (ex-Spain women’s manager) and Ruben Rivera (former head of marking at the Federation) are also accused of coercion.

If found guilty, Rubiales could be sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, as this is the punishment that the Prosecutor’s Office has requested. In the cases of Luque, Vilda and Rivera, they may be handed 1.5-year sentences.

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