La Liga clubs facing European ban as UEFA, FIFA demand explanation for Spanish Football Federation situation

In the last couple of weeks, the Spanish Government has intervened in matters at the Spanish Football Federation. A massive mess is ongoing, largely due to the ongoing corruption allegations levelled at the Federation and some of its current and former members.

As per Marca, it was announced on Tuesday that the Government has started a Supervision, Standardisation and Representation Commission, which will oversee the Federation. Spanish football icon Vicente del Bosque has been tasked with chairing this, after receiving approval from president Pedro Rocha.

However, this news has not gone down well at UEFA and FIFA, who are demanding an explanation for the Government’s involvement in the Federation, as per Diario AS. A response must be issued by Friday, and if it is unsatisfactory, an immediate ban from European and global competitions could follow for La Liga clubs, and the Spanish national teams.

As things stand, the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Girona and Athletic Club are projected to be in Europe for next season, but if UEFA and FIFA bring sanctions to the Federation, they may not be able to take their respective places.

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  1. Well, if corruption is going inside of your organization in a country and government of such country becomes aware, the least they should do is investigate, intervene and act accordingly to what they find. FIFA and UEFA are not above the law.

    1. Fifa must investigate Araujo red card and to rematch the game cause fifa still barcelona’s right. Is that true fifa is there to find true for any team . Maybe is there for his own job. God that red card pain me in all my life

      1. Relax Amina . Its part of the game. Araujo should have known better and not touch him thereby trusting that his goalie can at least come to the rescue . Move on. Im a culer myself

        1. How many of such incidence have results to red card even after that match.
          In El Classico, Camavinga does same he was yellow carded with free kick outside 18yard box. Same in Saudi Arabia League. Why that of Araujo be different?

      2. They will investigate the red card and replay the game the very same day they investigate Ovrebo and his shenanigans during Chelsea game.

      3. That was a genuine red card and araujo was deserving,Barca is like any other team can be hammered ⚒️

      4. You rem..Chelsea playing barca in Champions league,this is football so stop complaining Amina..

  2. Im a culer ,,araujo knew that was a risk gamble doing so 🤷,,that osg game cancelo sold as out so cheaply,personally corruption plainly came out during clasico; lamine’s goal and that penalty for sure that was so clear as day,,this isn’t the first time real madrid has bn given results which they didn’t work for there’s almeria’a game too.

  3. This thread…
    The collective IQ of Barcelona fans cant be over the amount of CL victories they have.

  4. There is a lot of corruption in the world of football in this modern era,a lot has happen in every country leagues….FIFA and UEFA must do thorough investigation and when they are found guilt they must issue a ban.for others to stop corruption…..

  5. What is the difference between Vasquez penalty and Saka vs buyern Munich goalie tackling Saka….so we have different rules for different match. Football dey end small small.
    Every team will eat his cake …. let’s continue

  6. There was a time barca was playing I think Inter or PSG smtmes back barca got a corner kick b4 it was taken it transformed to a penalty kick the whole world was shocked…….so its payback time no hard feelings

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