Barcelona scrambling for further investment as efforts upped in search of return to 1:1 rule

Earlier this week, Barcelona managed to convince Xavi Hernandez to stay on as head coach for another season. It’s believed that one of the big incentives daggled over the 44-year-old’s head was the possible return to La Liga’s 1:1 rule, which would allow spending without any Financial Fair Play restrictions.

Over the last few months, Barcelona have made moves towards reaching their goal, and there is a positive feeling that they can get it done before the summer. However, they aren’t there yet, and more investment needs to be secured in order to appease La Liga.

As per Sport, one area that Barcelona hope to solve in the lack of investment in Barca Media. Libero failed to make their payment for the share they bought, which has caused legal action to be opened by the club’s legal team, but in the mean time, they are now searching for new investment.

If this investment can be found, coupled with the reported new deal with Nike, Barcelona could have enough to return to the 1:1 rule, which would be massive for the summer transfer window. For now at least, they are still far away from that reality.

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