Barcelona have a week to find €40m before economic levers impact on salary limit for next season

Barcelona are starting to make decisions ahead of next season, but all of those will be impacted by the economic crisis burdening the club. Ahead of this summer, the Blaugrana have a week to present a financial plan to La Liga.

The Blaugrana will present a ‘treasury plan’ or financial plan to La Liga on the 30th of April, which the league will use to set their salary limits for the summer, report MD. Currently the Blaugrana are around €200m in excess of their current limit, which is at €204m, and is down €443m from last season, when they sold TV rights and a percentage of Barca Vision.

However with Barcelona yet to receive €40m of the payments due for the Barca Vision sale, that will continue to impact on their salary limit if they cannot present the money to La Liga by then. Another €60m from that sale is also due this summer, but there are understandable doubts over whether than will arrive.

If they do not reduce their wage bill to within their salary limit, Barcelona will continue to be placed under restrictions when it comes to registering players, meaning they can only use 50% of their cost savings to do so, and 60% of player sales. In addition, if the plan does not show a positive trend in terms of balance sheet for the current season and the following two, then Barcelona will be unable to sign players for two season or more, and will be forced to register them for a single season, as appears to have been the case for Inigo Martinez and Vitor Roque.

All of this occurs amidst plenty of talk of sales this summer for the Blaugrana. The consensus seems to be that at least one major star will need to be sold in order to just register all of their players for next season, and possibly another sale will need to be made to make signings.

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    2 clasico victories out of 10
    660 millions wasted in assets
    2 eliminations in EL
    1,6 billion debt
    Last CL win 2015
    Coach carouselle, 4 last coaches resulted in only 3 trophies
    2 trophies in last 3 seasons
    Another 0 trophy season


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