Ronald Araujo all but confirms rift with Ilkay Gundogan following cold response

Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo has made it clear that he did not think much of Ilkay Gundogan’s blunt assessment of his red card against Paris Saint-Germain. After Barcelona went down to 10 men in their Champions League quarter-final, they went on to concede three goals in 30 minutes, with Gundogan furious about Araujo’s carelessness.

The German midfielder commented that the red card at that stage of the game ‘kills you’, while also explaining that Araujo should have known better than to bring down Bradley Barcola, even if it meant conceding a goal.

Asked about it, Araujo told Diario AS that he would be keeping his views to himself, although in the process not exactly calming matters.

“I prefer to keep what I think to myself. I have codes and values ​​that must be respected.”

Speaking about El Clasico on Sunday, Araujo said they needed to reset mentally to face Real Madrid.

“We have a chance at revenge. Madrid is our biggest rival and we have to change our mentality. We will give everything on Sunday.”

Araujo was asked whether Gundogan lacked those codes and values.

“I’ve already responded to that question,” was the Uruguayan’s response.

In general terms, Araujo apologised to the fans for their elimination, and sent out a message of optimism for the fans.

“We are very sorry. Obviously, we are all sad, the children, the families. But this is football, there is always revenge. We are going to try again next season. I am convinced that this generation is going to win the Champions League.”

It is far from ideal for Barcelona, and Xavi Hernandez has his work cut out inspiring a performance out of Barcelona on Sunday. After giving a five-minute chat with the squad to try and motivate his players on Thursday morning, he cancelled training, feeling the rest would benefit their minds more than the training.

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  1. You foul was 100/100, not 50/50. Admit your mistake and move on, grow up, don’t be an entitled brat.

    1. He was never getting there. The problem with Barca players is they crumble in the face of adversity. What does he mean by the real culers? Those who didn’t criticize him l think, unbelievable.

    2. how is a Barcelona player to owe up to something if their own coach blames the grass for a loss or opponent players cheering too loud?


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