Barcelona players went after Kylian Mbappe in tunnel after Paris Saint-Germain defeat

Barcelona will no doubt have been hurting after their defeat to Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday, and were not in the mood for provocations, whether they were aimed at them or not. Especially not from PSG star Kylian Mbappe, who many believe they will be seeing a lot more of down the line.

As per MD, Mbappe entered the tunnel after the game in a state of euphoria, and shouted “this is football and it is on the pitch that you do the talking”, which some of the Barcelona players thought was directed at them. The multitude of delegates, officials and staff had to separate more than one Barcelona player from Mbappe as he went to his dressing room.

Mbappe speaks Spanish well, as noted by the same source, and if he really had wanted to provoke the Blaugrana, then he could have directed his shouts towards them much more clearly. That said, emotions run high after such high profile games, and it is not unusual for that tension to boil over both on the pitch and in the immediate aftermath.

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