€200m of Barcelona accounts not counted towards La Liga salary limit

Barcelona have been battling financial fair play rules in La Liga for a considerable spell, running into serious issues at the start of the 2020-21 season. The Blaugrana have looked into a number of ways of the salary limit they would be left without ‘extraordinary sources income’ in order to remain competitive on the pitch, but it looks as if they will have to make up ground financially in order to raise money again this summer.

The most famous of those methods were the ‘economic levers’, which saw the Blaugrana sell off 25% of their TV rights for the next 25 years, as well as €49% of Barca Studios, for a total of €667m.
Despite announcing a profit of €304m for the previous season at Barcelona, the Catalan side continued to find themselves restricted to using 50% of what they save and bring in to use for their salary limit, as they are currently over the limit. Based on their income, they are currently €200m over the limit. Part of the reason for that is the different criteria that Barcelona have used to present their own accounts compared to La Liga.

As part of the deal to sell 49%, Barcelona ‘re-valued’ their 51% share of Barca Studios at €208m, putting the Blaugrana into profit. However La Liga did not count this as a form of income, and thus Barcelona’s salary limit complications continue to look somewhat fraught ahead of the coming season.

There is still talk of one or two signings this summer for the Blaugrana, but equally many insiders are pointing out that unless there is a major sale at Barcelona, they could struggle to register some of their current squad. Regarding the signings of Vitor Roque and Inigo Martinez, it is believed that they have only been registered for one season of their seven and two-year contracts respectively, while Alejandro Balde, Lamine Yamal and Marc-Andre ter Stegen have all signed new deals this season.

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  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again yes barca have financial problems 100% but so what ? so do every other football club in the world and before i hear the same boring comeback of yes but fc barcelonas debt is bigger than everyone elses my answer to use all is simple that may be true but are they asking use all to dip into your own pockets to help or fix it ? no they are not so kindly mind your own business and let the club fix the financial issues it has themselves no matter how long or short it will take.

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      1. Its called the comment section for a reason halfwit he can say as much or as little as he wants deal with it

  3. Another thing i would like to mention here btw all these people saying barca must sell all these players just to be able to bring in all these new signings or players ? firstly have you seen the barca squad i mean barca basically needs a cdm pivot a left winger and definitely a replacement backup goalkeeper because inaki pena is crap and not capable imo that is it the rest of the squad is perfect and strong in every position tbh,secondly look at the age of the vast majority of the current barca squad 25.4 years so future proof.

    1. I think I found the village idiot of this site, when a dodo pretends to be clever and churns out volumes.

  4. And last but not least la masia because it’s so good at producing and unearthing generational talent enables fc barcelona to not always have to go out and splash out millions just to bring in new signings or players which is especially useful atm with all the financial issues you are so obsessed with and so keen to always highlight alot of people tend to forget or conveniently forget about la masia and act like barca have to go out every single year and spend millions on a whole new barca team which is absolute nonsense imo.

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  6. Is anyone else tired of Barca constantly cheating?

    If AC Milan were to violate the agreements, they get fined and UEFA goes after Milan.

    If Barca does the same thing, UEFA ignores Barca and casts blame elsewhere.

    If Barca were any other team right now, they would be demoted and embarrassed by UEFA. But for Barca, everyone turns the other direction and accepts handouts and bribes.


    1. the whole world is

      thats is why people find it justice that Barcelona is in the situation it is now

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