Barcelona hoping for €100m boost as new stadium targets wealthy fans

Barcelona have been desperately seeking sources of income, new and diverse, in order to mitigate the impact of their economic crisis. While it is clearly an investment in the present day, there is hope that the renovated Camp Nou can be one of the drivers of the club’s economy, with a particular focus on aiming the experience at wealthy fans and big business.

The new Camp Nou will include 115 VIP boxes, 95 of which will be standard boxes for 12 people, while 20 of them will be ‘very VIP’, luxurious experiences for the super-rich and the stars. Of the 95 boxes, 62 of them are due to be offered to businesses on a 10-year lease. As per Sport, the price of those boxes averages out at €2.58m for the decade-long deal.

The Blaugrana will make one of the conditions for the sale pre-payment, requiring 60% of the fee to be paid up front this year (€100m in total), and a further 40% coming in next year (€40m in total). The upshot will be a major cash injection for the club, helping to solve their immediate problems.

In a sense, this is another form of selling their assets ahead of time, as they did with their TV rights, in a deal which saw the Blaugrana gain €267m for 25% of their La Liga television income for the next 25 years. While it does help their short-term cash flow issues, it also loads the price of mismanagement far into the future, and it means Barcelona may be able to stabilise their finances but will find it more difficult to compete at the top level for longer as a result.

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  1. “In a sense, this is another form of selling their assets ahead of time, as they did with their TV rights,”

    In no sense at all is this selling assets ahead of time. It’s a presale of luxury box access, and the people LEASING the rights don’t own the boxes, the club does. They are, essentially, long term season tickets.

    I know that virtually all of the Barca related articles on this site are required to have a mention of the club’s finances, but this is a stretch even for you. Try and have at least some journalistic integrity, for heaven’s sake.

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