Barcelona take steps towards ensuring player safety as “anti-tiktoker” measures taken

Earlier this week, a clip went viral involving Barcelona defender Inigo Martinez, who angrily confronted a teenager near the club’s training ground after Sunday’s first team session. The veteran defender was furious with the youngster, and the club has now taken steps to ensure the safety of its players before and after training.

The incident involving Martinez is the latest is a number of cases which has seen Barcelona players clashing with fans, especially those that are believed to use autographed merchandise to sell on for significant profit. This season, Joao Cancelo was also involved in an altercation, albeit not quite as heated as the one involving Martinez.

Since that incident, Barcelona have held discussions with the Catalan police, as they searched for a solution to this growing problem. One was agreed upon, and on Wednesday, a car featuring Sant Joan Despi police officers was present near the club’s training ground, as per Marca. This measure, which has been labelled unofficially as an “anti-tiktoker” approach, is being used to ensure that there are no repeat of the incident involving Martinez.

The report notes that there was no such problems involving any Barcelona players on Wednesday, with the presence of these police officers.

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