Paris Saint-Germain send enquiry to Barcelona over availability of two defenders, one will be allowed to leave

Barcelona will be very active in the summer transfer window, as they require making significant sales in order to ease their financial problems. It remains to be seen how is sold on, but their players won’t be short of suitors, to say the least.

The latest club to make enquiries to Barcelona is Paris Saint-Germain. As per Catalunya Radio (via Sport), they have asked about the availability of Jules Kounde and Hector Fort, two of the club’s right-back options.

The report notes that Fort, who is expected to enter into contract negotiations with Barcelona in the coming weeks, will not be sold under any circumstances, but Kounde is a different matter. Officials at the Catalan giants are prepared to move on the French international, provided that their asking price is met.

Barcelona have relayed to PSG that Kounde could leave, which allows Luis Enrique to sign another player from his former club, after Ousmane Dembele last summer. It will be interesting to see whether a deal can be agreed between the two European giants.

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  1. 2 clasico victories out of 9
    660 millions wasted in assets
    2 eliminations in EL
    1,6 billion debt
    Last CL win 2015
    Coach carouselle, 4 last coaches resulted in only 3 trophies
    2 trophies in last 2,5 seasons
    Another 0 season loading


  2. Would Kounde play in his home country if he had to play right back? He’s on record as it not being a position he likes, and that he prefers to play in the defensive middle.

    That leaves Hector Fort, who’s a natural right back but who can also play on the other side. He’s also one of the stars of La Masia, and the club reportedly have plans for him to be promoted to the first team next year.

    I could see Kounde being sold, but I question if he’d be willing to go someplace where he wouldn’t be a central defender. Unless a very generous offer is made for Fort with a buyback clause, I can’t see the club parting with him at all.

    Stranger things have happened, but as it stands, I’m skeptical that a deal for either will get done with PSG.

    1. I would take this article like most of their other articles tbh with a pinch of salt john last time i checked kounde said publicly he was going nowhere and as for fort contract renewal talks are already underway confirmed by deco himself.

        1. Im afraid to disappointment you he did after playing for france during an international match he was asked about his club future by the press to which he replied I’m happy where i am.

          1. That sounds like you are making things up on the spot. An international match… Source?

            You are afraid to what me? 🤔

        2. Look if you think I’m lying or trying to gain something here lol then that’s up to you I’m not forcing you to believe or not believe me am i ? afraid to disappoint you meaning incase you were expecting something else.

        3. Source ? Im not a journalist or a newspaper lol Im just a supporter who listens to interviews from players after club and international matches,plus it would be near impossible to source as it was quite a while ago i even recall xavi being asked about it by the press at the time to which he replied he had already spoken to kounde about it and that the situation had been resolved.

          1. Honestly speaking, if you claim something and don’t back it up, you are lying or spreading misinformation on purpose.

            No, it is not impossible, it is easiest thing ever. You point to what paper wrote it and / or article.

            Ah you were dissapointed* in me. Ok. Noted.

        4. Im not disappointed in you in the slightest far from it you are entitled to your opinion and if you think Im a liar just spreading misinformation and can’t back things up with a source lol that’s fine you do you but your obviously not listening to or reading what i said i quite clearly stated kounde and xavi both gave TELEVISION INTERVIEWS after the matches not PAPER WRITE UPS or ARTICLES so there is no source or paper to name but if you want to track down those television interviews by all means you go ahead i certainly wont be as it will be near impossible and not the easiest thing ever like you claim.

          1. Yeah but im a Sports fan too and I like the discussions asw, I just like them to be factual. Discussing like this is like walking in to a club of… chemisters and claiming that ice isn’t frozen water.
            You see what I mean?

  3. If you recall it was during the period where the press made out that because koundewas having to play and cover right back instead of playing in his favoured preferred position of cb that unless things changed the press tried to make out that he would be leaving unless things changed.

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