Vinicius threatened to go on strike after Real Madrid’s awful social media mistake

Salacious Spanish internet outlet Relevo have flagged up what they call a “crisis” between star player Vinicius Jr and Real Madrid, Catalan paper Sport reported last night.

Two days before Madrid’s trip to Mestalla last weekend, the club’s social media channel’s posted a picture of Vinicius kissing the badge, with a “sticker” attached featuring the evolution of ape to man – apparently the logo of some Israeli DJs “Vini Vici”.

Presumably the social media kid just searched “Vini” and added the first thing he saw. Big mistake. Vinicius apparently threated to not travel to Valencia until it was dealt with, and club director Jose Angel Sanchez had to get involved to smooth things over.

As always, we’re sure this will blow over, but it’s easy to understand why the player is angry, and why Madrid will be very embarrassed.

There will likely be some angry meetings, maybe a sacking, but ultimately it’s just a stupid mistake, and not something that will really threaten a massively mutually beneficial relationship.

Let’s see what happens when this hits the mainstream press later today, in any case.

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  1. Before I even finished reading I knew this Iie was yet another brainchild of cataIanimaI mongoIoi.s at Sport. The small sliver of their mentaI heaIth seems to finally have left the empty building, this is what it looks like when only vacuum is occupying the place.

    Vini seems to be living inside their heads, rent free. I mean, I understand them, after they got hattricked on last time and won only last 2 out of 9 clasicos. I feel their frustration, rage and sadness.

    “Let’s see what happens when this hits the mainstream press later today, in any case.”

    Rofl. You sure about that chief?

  2. can you get any dumber?😂 past victories don’t matter fool! should I bring up 5-0 at camp Nou or the 2-3 won at Santiago 😂😂… ahh, the despair of vardrid players 😉

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