Barcelona transfer target “doesn’t regret” issuing come-and-get-me plea earlier this season

Back in December, before Girona’s showdown clash with Barcelona in Montjuic, Aleix Garcia told the media that his dream was to play for the side he was about to face that forthcoming weekend. His remarks did not go down well at the Catalan club, and he was condemned by head coach Michel Sanchez.

Garcia, who remains a target for Barcelona ahead of the summer, has now opened up on that episode. Speaking to Jijantes FC (via Marca), the 26-year-old admitted that he has some regrets over the matter, but one of them is not what he said.

“I don’t regret saying it, but I do regret the timing and the manners. In the end, I’m at Girona and I’m delighted. I wish that this season never ends.”

Garcia also spoke on Oriol Romeu, who made the move from Girona to Barcelona last summer, albeit (so far) unsuccessfully so.

“When he left, we were preparing the team with him as a pivot and it was a shock. We had a very good pre-season, from the first moment we felt comfortable. But we’ve made up for his absence well.”

It remains to be seen whether Garcia makes the same move as Romeu did. Barcelona are keen, although they may not be able to afford Girona’s demands.

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  1. 2 eliminations in EL
    1,6 billion debt
    Last CL win 2015
    Coach carouselle, 4 last coaches resulted in only 3 trophies
    2 trophies in last 2,5 seasons
    Another 0 season loading


  2. Alex pls think twice & wisely make decision that you’ll not end up regretin. Garcia I think you have a spell casted upon you for saying all what you said joinin broke-alona aint a wise decision @ this junction, think & use your head. So also with other players- no point putting on jersey of club whose player + fans are nt happy or winning trophies

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