Barcelona considering contract offer for French midfielder ahead of cheap summer move

Barcelona are likely to be on the hunt for free agents again this summer in a bid to continue building out their squad on a budget. French midfielder Adrien Rabiot has been linked with the Blaugrana for many years, and is once again, as one of the top free agent names on the market this summer.

As per Sport, quoting Ekrem Konur, Barcelona are considering a contract offer for Rabiot of two years, with an option for an additional season. Currently at Juventus, Rabiot has become a key player for Max Allegri over the past two seasons, and has just four months remaining on his deal.

That said, the likes of Inter Milan, Newcastle United, Arsenal, Manchester United and Bayern Munich have also been linked to Rabiot in recent months, suggesting that either Barcelona’s name is being used by the agent, or the Blaugrana will have significant competition for what is sure to be a lucrative contract for the 28-year-old.

Bringing in the top free agents has been a successful strategy on the whole for Barcelona over recent seasons. Andreas Christensen, Inigo Martinez and Ilkay Gundogan have all made positive contributions during their time, while Franck Kessie left after just one season at a significant profit.

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  1. Fc barcelona already have de jong,pedri,gavi, gundogan,fermin lopez plus pablo torre out on loan so why would they consider or better still need adrien rabiot ? it just doesn’t make any sense what fc barcelona do need and should be concentrating their efforts on is a strong,quick,intelligent cdm pivot imo.

  2. They always go after other club’s vomit., fc barca still won’t change the habit of signin free agents couple with them barca ending trophiless this season may next & beyond too

  3. Going after other club’s vonit is part of barca! Going another season & some other without silver ware is bound to be as they go on with this free transfer stuff. Where ‘ll the cash come from to sign when barca aint financially wise

  4. When you’re broke what else can you do about it-go for free transfer the usual way/pattern to secure out of contract players easily & barca seems good already @ it or loan with option to buy shame!

  5. Thats funny last time i checked de jong,pedri,pablo torre where all bought and payed for as for gavi,fermin lopez they where brought up through barcas world renowned la masia which is still churning out diamonds like lamine yamal,pau cubarsi,hector fort and many more to this very day

  6. Fyi barca use the free agent market just as every other football club uses it to fill in and bulk up their squad if use clowns are jealous or cant stomach that tough shit,its also very funny how franck kessie,inigo martinez,andreas christensen,ilkay gundogan all free agents and all of whom had major clubs all across europe queuing up to get their signatures and yet they all still choose barca interesting very interesting lol

  7. Business modell: front loading debt, transfer strategy: going after third rate past prime ex stars and b players.
    Returned worst ever trophy haul in decades for this club.
    Everybody is jealous, we promise. Spare some trophies for others, will you?

    1. Firstly what’s a business modell ? secondly where exactly did i say everybody is jealous ? your words not mine so not ony can you not spell correctly you have trouble reading properly aswel lol thirdly 27 la liga,31 copa del rey,5 champions leagues,3 fifa club trophies if this is what a front loading debt club gets you then ill gladly take this any day of the week even going 1 or 2 seasons without a trophy isnt going isn’t going to be the end of the world especially for a club that has already won so much lol and besides its good manners to let other teams win something for a change lol

      1. You are dumb as fu.

        “jealousy is a terrible thing” your words.

        “27 la liga,31 copa del rey,5 champions leagues,3 fifa club trophies”

        You are taking about your overall trophies, I am pointing out you haven’t done squat since Messi left but put your club in debt in exchange for marginal success. This pertains of course to your talk about signing free agents and so called stars business model by using your brand as lure.

        Maybe you missed all names that refused to sign for your club, actually big names?

        Three seasons with two trophies. Congratulations, it’s apparent your strategy is working.
        Oh it’s manners now. Well yes, you have been one of most polite (wouldn’t say top clubs because you aren’t anymore, but let’s for the sake of argumentation say that you are a bigger club) bigger clubs lately, keep it up.

        Oh and keep in mind that your economy will be getting worse (lever % you owe) and you won’t be having money for signings except washed out players which ultimately will end up in similar results, while your rivals are strengthening.

        1. Easy there tiger looks like i hit a nerve or two but thats ok exactly jealousy is a terrible thing is what i actually said its not the same as everybody is jealous which you claimed i said they are two totally different sentences lol,you obviously also dont know your football facts correct me if I’m wrong but i think barca won la liga last year and done it without messi btw lol so your comment about doing squat since messi left is absolute rubbish,regarding players that didn’t sign for the club really who cares ? Im more interested and proud of all the great names i mentioned on that list to me and the vast majority of fc barcelona fans thats what really matters tbh heres another two great names to add to that list david villa and neymar apologises for leaving them out you see it’s so easy to miss some out because there has been so many great players and names play for this great club throughout the years its very hard to keep track you know how it is and is a very nice problem to have don’t you think lol

          1. You didn’t hit a nerve don’t flatter yourself, I’m pointing out your deficiency in memory and reading, its apparent English is not your native language, neither are you versed in hyperbolic humor. I will leave it at that and to others to laugh at your ineptitude. For your info, interpreting things too verbatim is a telling sign of a slow mind. I’m sure it’s not the first time somebody told you that.

            Yes you won the league thanks to massive levers, aka loans. Considering the fact it was literally the other half of your trophies since that huge loan lets any educated person draw the conclusion that your investment was at least to say idiotic. You have won nothing this year and year before those two trophies, which by the way came in an unusual season where top clubs had tired players due to awkward World Cup. Unusual how? Well after World Cup year you have another no trophy season which proves my point further.

            Thats awesome, also two names from the past, during Messi era. Dont understand how this is pertinent to today, because past Messi era, you have been outmuscled by clubs on 99% of major signing targets, regardless of how much you are avoiding this issue. Get used to this, in future you will see more of this because you no longer have any appeal and your finances are at least to say horrible due to owing various banks money who will want that lever money back with interest.

            Bottom line whatever you do isn’t working. You also got ejected out of CL two times since you began aiming for free agents from loaned money.
            But great to see that low expectations curse of two trophies for all that money wasted satisfies Barcelona fans. I’d be upset.

        2. Hold on, this guy said two trophies in last 3 seasons? Had to fact check that, turns out that you are right, as I doubt they will win anything else this season.

          Thank you for this, it made my day, I dislike FC Cheaterlona, always have. Loving this, it serves them right!

          1. Thats rich coming from someone who’s club isnt exactly tearing it up lately and who wont be winning very many trophies any time soon i mean just ask liverpools reserves from sunday lol and btw chelsea are where exactly in the premier league ? lol thanks for making my day also with your ridiculous and stupid comment about what barca will or wont win you really have made my day also thanks for that.

          2. I look forward to it tbh as im sure so do barca because they have nothing to hide and its nothing but hearsay and unproven accusations and outside noise so bring it on and then we will all see who looks really stupid.

          3. So do I, would be wonderful to see you get what you deserve and outcome would even give grounds to opening an investigation of that famous Overbo game.
            In fact, I sincerly hope you lose all your ill gotten trophies during that period.

        3. Oh and bare in mind barca are currently playing at a stadium that is not even half the capacity of the Spotify Camp Nou so when we eventually move back into our splendid revamped spotify camp nou stadium the finances will not be a problem worth losing sleep over tbh add to this the fact that the financial figures for the top 10 football clubs all across europe regarding shirt sales and merchandise just got revealed a couple of days ago and oh my god shock,horror fc barcelona are top of the list lol wow and theres me thinking listening to all these know it all money obsessed people leaving comments that barca are finished,that barca are broke,that barca are this and that what a joke use really are.

          1. -finances will not be a problem worth losing sleep over tbh-

            Wishful thinking from a dumbo who doesnt understand how loans and debts work. Probably still living in golden days of this club, unaware of the fact that Messi is gone.

            Great, they sold merchandise to dumbos as yourself. Noone ever claimed Barcelona fans are clever. Did you also read that you’re most indebted club on earth and there will be panic sales now in summer just to be able to register players?

            Does that sound like a club with finances under control? How do you plan to pay salaries and get economy together with impaired incomes due to overborrowing money?

          2. Another financial obsessed asshole i see plenty of them on here so at least you will fit right in i suppose lol heres one for you dumbo are fc barcelona asking you personally to cough up or sort out their loans or debts out of your own pocket ? no they are not so kindly mind your own business and stop acting like a bank manager or financial adviser and fyi im very much aware of how loans and debts work and dont need someone like you to tell me what i do or dont know again mind your own business of course im going to buy club merchandise i support the club you twat i suppose your going to try and make out that this incorrect aswel ? every true fc barcelona fan knows the exact reason for many of their financial problems today and its called bartomeu but like i said they will sort their own problems out hence why i wont be losing sleep over it unlike you obviously,there are many ways to tackle it through end of season friendlies,football tours,sponsorship deals,merchandise revenue,stadium tours ect plus many more ways before having to go down the selling of players route so yes fyi brainbox i fully understand the situation perfectly every football club in world football has debts of some kind no matter how big or small its still debts and if you think otherwise then may i suggest a trip to your local specsavers lol fc barcelonas problems are highlighted mainly because of think they know it alls like you and alot of jealous bitter people who have nothing better to do with their time barca may undoubtedly have their fair share of financial problems currently but they will get there and sort their own issues out eventually that i have no doubt whatsoever and like i said topping the merchandise sales charts right across europe and moving back into the magnificent newly revamped spotify camp nou very soon will only further help the situation and with the pull,prestige and worldwide appeal the club still continues to have and generate despite all of its financial issues as shown with the continued support of big name sponsorship deals like spotify,philips,nike and many many more i am not worried in the slightest tbh ill leave all the concern and worry to you brainbox since your so obsessed and concerned about it yourself lol.

          3. So thats the plan dumbo, it will “sort itself”.
            So much typing so little substance.

            Excellent, continue buying merchandise while your club spirals downwards.

            Yes every club has debts but your club has biggest debts in world, and less ways to pay them off since you endebted yourself even more. Continue circling downward. There is no extra cash in form of won trophies either, even less money.

            Excellent, you are topping the merchandise sales while topping the debt chart. Paying out salaries and interest will barely give a money surplus. When levers interest start to kick in you will be needing to buy two shirts at once hahah.

            You should be worried because club treats sponsors like trash and sue them.

            Jealous of what exactly? You winning mere two trophies despite massive investments? Yeah, keep it up haha

    2. Oh yeah i almost forgot last but not least lets see now kubala,cruyff,maradona,koeman,stoichkov,romario,ronaldinho,ronaldo,rivaldo,riquelme,hagi,laudrup,davids,kluivert,figo,lineker,eto’o,schuster,henry,thuram,zambrotta,toure,abidal,deco,suarez,griezmann,de jong,pedri,lewandowski,messi,mendieta,blanc ect ect just look at all these past prime ex stars and b players fc barcelona have somehow miraculously managed to attain throughout many years amazing simply amazing who would have thought lol.

  8. All these players mentioned have their market value dropped below expectation since sales of free transfers is what barca do to generate income with chopped wages which got busquet forsake barca last season & more below half salary (weekly allowances cut further) other clubs just need to be jealous of barca in people’s thoughts ha ha ha! It’s clear to see Gavi for example just keeps over working himself to see he gets a better offer & win personal awards by over burdenin himself + there’re clubs wonderin ‘why gavi put so much efforts on a club that pay peanut fee’ call it over labour! while being so broke as a mouse dam!!

    1. Oh is that right now lol so how do you explain nearly every major club in europe interested in signing them once they all became available before barca snapped them up ? and regarding gavi ever care to think gavi simply isnt money obsessed like alot of the people on here obviously are lol,heres the perfect example to demonstrate that what you and alot of other people on here are talking about is complete and utter crap vitor roque for example had offers from big filthy rich psg and all the other big filthy rich premier league teams like arsenal,newcastle,chelsea offering him 4 times the salary he would be getting at barca and at the end of the day what did he do ? he rejected them all and choose barca lol enough said really.

    1. Can you actually prove they paid the referees ? or is this just more bullshit,hearsay and outside noise from people who have nothing better to do actually you know what just dont bother answering i already know the answer lol

  9. Why would he go to Fraudalona and get destroyed by Real regularly, especially now that they will get Mbappé soon?

  10. A club that even can’t sign a player from Swedish league (?) should reconcile with the fact that they don’t have enough appeal to go after more established players. Just accept that you’re not a top club anymore and won’t be for a while.
    That is the consequence of forcing players to either quit playing as Pique or pressure them to lower salary as deJong.

  11. watching sam get destroyed by facts by several people with no other responses but his emotions is a joy to behold!

    everybody, please keep bullying this pitiful creature, now that his club is in shambles.

    why are you changing your name so often parasite? you think that AND refraining from using smileys somehow mask you? you are still distinctively stupid with your illiteracy and unformatted walls of text along with ocd-ish obsession to reply ha ha

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