Historic 243-game ban handed out in Spanish youth football to under-15s team

The theme of violence towards referees continues to be a problem in Spanish football, after an incident last year saw an official hospitalised following an under-19s game in Ceuta. Now the Football Federation of Madrid have handed out a total 243-game to four players at under-15s level.

The incident took place in a game between Olimpico de Parla and Arancetano on the outskirts of South Madrid. Parla were in second position against midtable Arancetano when things spiralled out of control. The referee, just 17 himself, sent off three players from the home side and one from the visitors.

Two players were banned for insults to the referee and assaulting opposition players for 8 and 13 games respectively, as Relevo report. Meanwhile three of them went into the dressing room after the match, where the referee was crying, and began insulting, pushing and hitting hte referee. Only two of them were identified, and they have been hit with bans of 151 games and 71 games respectively.


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