Fabrizio Romano provides update on Real Madrid announcement of Kylian Mbappe deal

Real Madrid are still working on a deal for Kylian Mbappe, despite reports that the contract had been signeed earlier this week. That is according to Fabrizio Romano, who also explained the processes to fall into place before his announcement.

Despite the fact that the majority of outlets are reporting that the ink is not necessarily on the paper, most agree that it is a matter of time before the ‘details’ get sorted out, as Matteo Moretto confirmed to Football España last week. It is believed that two of the sticking points left on the table could be his presence at the Olympics, and his image rights.

“There’s no clarity on announcement yet. I don’t have a specific date now, they are still working on the details of the deal and then it will be announced as soon as they sign,” Romano told The Daily Briefing.

He also released a video on his Twitter updating his followers on the situation, explaining that once the deal is signed with Real Madrid, that is when Paris Saint-Germain will officially confirm his departure to the public, despite already having done to the press.

All in all, despite the caution being shown by a number of insiders on the matter, it appears things are only headed in one direction, in a way that wasn’t the case before. Los Blancos will offer Mbappe a five-year contract, with a salary and a signing bonus that will put his earnings well in excess of the €200m-mark.



Image via Afp7 / Europa Press

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