Barcelona furious with coach over involvement with sports betting company

It’s safe to say that Rafa Marquez is not overly popular at Barcelona at the moment. He was reportedly chewed out by club bosses for declaring his interest in replacing Xavi Hernandez as first team head coach shortly after he announced his decision to leave at the end of the season, and he’s now got himself into further hot water.

In recent days, Marquez has promoted a Mexican sports betting company on his Instagram account, with the latest post coming via a story on Tuesday. As reported by MD, Barcelona are furious that the Barca Atletic head coach has done this, and as such, they have forwarded the matter to the Compliance department.

Barcelona are concerned that there could be a conflict with Marquez’s actions, given that he is a coach at the club and is also promoted a betting site that they not associated with.

While Barcelona are pleased with Marquez’s work as manager of the subsidiary, they are bemused at his actions on this matter – they see it as something of a betrayal of the values that the club represents.

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  1. The insanity of some statements is unbelievable. Most of people would be honoured to coach Barca’s first team… It’s ridiculous to analyse a normal response when HE WAS ASKED BY MEDIA, not him going out of nowhere to ask himself there. What would’ve been weirder, it’s if he had said ‘No, I don’t want to coach Barca’…him being already the coach of Barca Athletic. The directors being angry about this, is ridiculous and probably just mass media made up things and propagated further brainlessly by everyone.

    About the betting is another thing, but first part is complete bullshit and is so much worse trying to blame him when mass media caused the issue.

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