Victor Font: Lionel Messi’s exit is Joan Laporta’s biggest mistake at Barcelona

Former Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font has continued his criticism of Joan Laporta.

Font lost to Laporta in the 2021 club presidential election with the former receiving 54.2% of the vote.

The pair have remain in dispute since then with Font regularly opting for public criticism of Laporta’s leadership during a difficult financial period for Barcelona.

Font has recently slammed Laporta use of advisors connected to Real Madrid club president Florentino Perez and a lack of investment at Barcelona.

He also claimed last season’s league title win should not distract from deeper issues at the club as part of a potential push to challenge Laporta’s presidency in future.

The emotive argument of Lionel Messi’s departure to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021 is a key feature of Font’s stance and he blames Laporta for not retaining the Argentinian.

“For me, it’s the greatest mistake of his tenure and in the contemporary history of the club”, as per an interview with RAC1, via Diario Sport.

“Messi could have been part of a solution and we’re not aware of the sporting cost it meant for Barca.”

Font also claimed he would look to bring Messi back to the club, if he is elected in 2025, despite his Inter Miami contract running until the end of 2026.

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  1. Absolute rubbish messi leaving has nothing to do with it imo messi didn’t exactly set the world on fire at psg did he now funny how the re-elections are coming up soon typical political crap as usual

  2. Think victor font needs to go to specsavers and recall the state a certain josep maria bartomeu left the club in before he starts mouthing off about joan laporta tbh

  3. Apparently Font wishes to ignore Messi’s comments about wanting a calmer life and end to his career as his reasons for choosing Miami.

    Font is also choosing to ignore Tebas’ public declaration that La Liga had approved Messi’s return to Barca but that the player chose not to.

    Font is also choosing to Ignore that it was Bartomeu that got the club into the mess it’s currently in, not Laporta.

    In other words, Font is ignoring reality in order to gain the presidency. Not a good base from which to operate.

  4. Laporta messed up when he kept spending all the cash meant for messi (mess)up getting fat,eatin while watchin matches oh i almost forgot to mention throwing food away whenever barca losses a match especially to real madrid! Ha ha ha ha!

    1. So, Tebas was lying when he said that La Liga had approved Messi’s return?

      Laporta threw food once, and it wasn’t during a loss to anyone. It was a draw with Granada.

      Nice try, though.

  5. We only got to witmess the food throwin event- there could be some we never knew of (Yea this i know,just poking someones you know!) for real

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