Real Madrid have green light from Kylian Mbappe – deal a few loose ends away from being done

The move that everyone presumes will happen is nearly there. After Kylian Mbappe took the decisive step, one that it appears he cannot row back on, of telling Paris Saint-Germain CEO Nasser Al-Khelaifi that he would be leaving at the end of his contract, Real Madrid are poised to move in. While there have been reports that Los Blancos will put together a deal for Mbappe now, Matteo Moretto  has revealed to The Daily Briefing that the deal is close.

Mbappe communicated his decision to PSG on Tuesday, who in turn confirmed the news to the media with a circular on Thursday. Some reports have claimed that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez would not enter into talks with Mbappe until he had made his decision clear to Mbappe, but Moretto says a deal is lacking only a few small loose ends before Mbappe can sign on the dotted line.

While few will allow themselves to pop the champagne ahead of time, having been burnt beforehand, it certainly appears as if Carlo Ancelotti can start making plans for his forward line with the Frenchman in place for next season. Real Madrid first started pursuing Mbappe as a teenager in the Monaco academy, at the age of 13. Nearly 13 years later, after turning down Perez on three occasions, Mbappe looks set to pull on the white of Real Madrid.


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  1. Let’s wait to see how the locker room or the chemistry of the team is affected. Let’s not forget what happened at PSG after they signed Messi. The big question is will Mbappé be able to share the limelight with Madrid’s other stars? Hopefully, he will understand that he’s not coming to sit on the Madrid throne, but to share in its glory. If he does, Madrid will avoid the PSG fiasco. If he doesn’t, rest assured that there will be drama.

  2. Its one thing to play at mercenary barracks named PSG and another to play for the undisputed champions of Europe. Our winner culture can foster Mbappe since PSG spoiled him too much.
    RMs team is too stable with strong leader personalities amongst senior players who are used to deal with stars to be disrupted.
    Here, Mbappe will be faced with demands and challenges instead of PSGs way of throwing money at him every time every time a problem needs to be solved – and he will respond. Why? Well, he already has all the money in the world. Now he wants accolades and trophies and he will fight for them. The money incentive doesnt work when youre filthy rich.

    PS Rip bribELona 🤣🫵

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