Atletico Madrid chief hits out at European Super League, praises UEFA model

The proposed European Super League has caused plenty of controversy over the last few months, since its new proposals were announced by A22, the company now running the competition that was kept alive by Barcelona and Real Madrid upon its initial collapse in 2021.

The two Clasico clubs are keen for the Super League to take place, although there has been strong opposition for it across Europe, not least from within Spain. Atletico Madrid rejected the competition when its new format was released, and CEO Miguel Angel Gil Marin again hit out at it on Wednesday, as per Estadio Deportivo.

“Making closed leagues, or guaranteeing the presence in the top competitions only to a few, would destroy the pyramid in which the dream of thousands of boys and girls is based. Only those boys who were linked to the privileged clubs would have access to the elite, the tradition of rewarding sporting merit would be broken.

“It is necessary to protect the balance and evolution in the pyramid of amateur and professional football, it is part of our culture and tradition. Contrary to what the Super League advocates, UEFA seeks a balance between large, small and medium-sized countries; between clubs, large, small and medium-sized.

“Today we are 55 countries, and of those, more than 35 compete in European competitions every year. UEFA created the three current competitions, Champions League, Europa League and Conference League, to accommodate more clubs and protect sporting merit. The champions of each competition are promoted to the top in each season, and access to each European competition is achieved through qualification in the domestic leagues, thereby protecting them.”

At this stage, the Super League doesn’t look like it will be moving forward any time soon due to a distinct lack of support. Barcelona and Real Madrid will hope that this changes, although it would be a surprise.

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