Dani Alves settlement rejected in alleged rape case – ‘The damage is irreparable’

Former Barcelona and Sevilla defender will not escape trial for the alleged rape he committed in December of last year, after the prosecution rejected a settlement offered by the defence.

The latest reporting on the matter, from Sport, is that Alves‘ defence under two different lawyers have moved to open talks with the prosecution, and even held a meeting with the lawyers. However the prosecution has since rejected any suggestion of a deal.

The prosecuting lawyer, Ester Garcia, has released a statement denying any pact with Alves’ camp, noting that the mental damage and the aftermath are irreparable, and that reaching a settlement is impossible due to “different positions of the parties regarding the extreme seriousness of the facts and the penalties to be imposed.”

Alves is facing charges of rape that could land him in jail for up to nine years with a guilty conviction. On three occasions, Alves’ lawyers have moved to get him bail, which has been denied on each occasion, while he has also changed his testimony on four occasions.

The Brazilian has been in prison since January off this year, and is facing trial now. Garcia also noted that they understand the media interest in the case, it ‘does not legitimise the publication of information’, the only result of which is to increase the suffering of their client, and that they reserve the right to take legal action against those publishing biased or false information to increase the pressure and the suffering of the victim.

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