Specialist knee doctor refuses to blame Spain medical team for Gavi ACL injury

Last weekend, Barcelona were rocked by the season-ending injury suffered by Gavi during Spain’s victory over Georgia. The 19-year-old was revealed to have torn his anterior cruciate ligament and damaged his meniscus, meaning he won’t play any part in the remainder of the campaign.

Gavi suffered the injury during the first half of the match against Georgia, but remarkably, he tried to play on with it. He was treated by Spain’s doctor, Dr Celada, but eventually could not continue.

Speaking to Diario AS, Dr Ramon Cugat believes that Dr Celada was not at fault for allowing Gavi to initially continue, despite the expectation that the worst of the injury was suffered in the first action.

“Yes, Gavi got injured in the first action. The knee is a little bent. The femur makes a rotation, and the crusader breaks. When it’s 30 or 40 degrees, the knee is already broken.

“(Dr Celada) doesn’t make any mistakes. It’s a very quick action. Gavi notices that something has happened in his knee, and he moves his knee and thinks he can play on. Only God knows whether he should have tried to play on, not me or anyone else. We don’t know what was done in the first and second actions, or if it was all done in the first one.”

Either way, Barcelona are said to be furious with the Spanish Football Federation for allowing Gavi to play in the first place. Very little can be done about it now, with all eyes now being on his recovery, which will begin after surgery on Tuesday.

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