Granada show up, but do not show out – the predicament facing Paco Lopez

If you have watched any of Granada’s 10 games this season, it cannot be said that they do not show up. The problem is, they do not show out.

Relegation Calling?

Penultimate in the table, Granada have the penultimate defensive record in La Liga too, conceding 24 goals and averaging over two per game. And yet the 15 goals to their name, despite star forward signing Lucas Boye never having made it past 7 goals in a league season, as well as missing their first three games of the year, suggests that Granada do not suffer from the same issues that plague so many of their relegation rivals.

Barcelona were the perfect example. Scoring inside a matter of seconds, Granada were efficient with their finishing, punishing mistakes and space against the reigning champions. Yet when push came to shove, they still carried a threat, but looked far more likely to concede than score come the final whistle in their scintillating 2-2 draw. It’s what has them as one of the favourites to go down – and, if you like a bet, it’s well worth checking out, which usually provides the best odds and advice on sports gambling oppportunities.

Does Paco Lopex have the Answers?

Ultimately, Paco Lopez is betting that his desire to create open, stretched games, with end-to-end entertainment, catches out some of the teams with more resources – not used to such dramatic spaces, and overcomes those around them. So far, their single win and three draws suggest that while it has not been a disaster, it has not been effective.

Lopez has ample experience of this. At Levante too, his side were renowned for their flare football, which served them well during his time. Yet during his penultimate season, a long winless run saw Lopez adjust, bringing his midfielders deeper and defending more stoutly in search of the counter-attack. It worked – they made the Copa del Rey final and finished comfortably midtable.

Come the following season, Lopez’s message may have tired on the squad, the recruitment was a long way from ideal too, but Lopez was out on the street after his side could not find their flame again. Levante gained a brilliant season, but lost their identity.

And it’s a similar dilemma facing Lopez with this Granada side. Los Nazaries are true to themselves currently, to the identity they built, and the idea Lopez is pursuing. No doubt he is making tweaks currently, but he seems unable to find the equilibrium.

If not Lopez, Who?

This is not to say Lopez should launch his baby out with the bath water, as he did in the late stages of Levante, finding that perfect temperature looks as if it could be decisive for the Andalusians this season. As with all jobs in football though, there will be a time limit on that task.

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