Savio, the 19-year-old breakout star dazzling with high-flying Girona

Savio Moreira de Oliveira isn’t even 20 years old yet, but he has already become one of the biggest stars of La Liga with his play, dribbling and trickery. 

Savio Moreira de Oliveira, also known as Savinho, was born in 2004 in Sao Mateus, Brazil, and less than 20 years later he has become the breakout star of La Liga. Despite his young age, he is putting his name alongside those of superstars like his compatriot Vinicius or last year’s top scorer Robert Lewandowski. He has immediately impressed since arriving in Spanish football, helping Michel’s Girona side with his start to the season that has won over fans in Spain and abroad. 

The question on everyone’s mind after watching Savio is where this player came from and why so few knew about him before. Developed in the youth academy of Atletico Mineiro, he made his debut in their first team under the guidance of the well-known coach Jorge Sampaoli. When he began to stand out in Brazil, French side Troyes, part of the City group, noticed him and signed him. However, PSV Eindhoven, who had also followed him, managed to loan him that same summer and last season he played in the Netherlands, before he’d even made his debut in France. 

In the summer of 2023, it was Girona who secured his loan from Troyes. As soon as he was put under the orders of Michel, everything changed. Diego Costa, who knows the coach well, had told Savio that he was in good hands and the coach struck gold by deciding to position the winger on the left flank, despite the fact that he had always felt more comfortable on the right. This change has suited him very well. With his two goals and four assists, he is already near the top of the offensive contribution rankings and has already produced memorable moments in the red and white jersey of Girona. 

Junior Chavare, who discovered the player in Brazil, explained in a Marca interview that “we knew that Savinho was a hidden gem. He became a starter in his youth teams and always stood out. He is professional, with an excellent mind. He has everything it takes to succeed abroad, to play in the most important clubs in the world and to be a star.”

Those who have known him since his early days know that, as well as being a great talent, he has the humility to succeed, as he himself revealed in an interview with Sport when talking about his origins. The player said.

“At home we have a cow farm and I always lived there. We make milk and also put on rodeo shows. It’s very nice. I had always lived on the farm, enjoying a very quiet life, then suddenly I moved to Atletico Mineiro. When I was 10 years old they came looking for me and told me they wanted me. First I went on my own and then my mother came and stayed with me until I was 18.”

Despite his maturity on the pitch, it’s important to keep in mind that this 18th birthday was little over a year ago. Now 19, he is the latest rising star of La Liga, a talent to enjoy week in week out in the stadiums of Spain. He is starting to make a name for himself and now everyone is learning who Savio is, where he comes from and how far he can go.


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