Manchester City’s Rodri Hernandez declares bold Sergio Busquets aspiration

Spain and Manchester City star Rodri Hernandez is having the best year of his career so far, having grabbed the winner for Manchester City in the Champions League final and won the Nations League with La Roja. Beyond that, Rodri continues to show that he has everything in his locker, and is capable of adding value wherever he finds himself.

A large part of that has to be credited to Pep Guardiola, whom Rodri named as the most influential manager of his career in an interview with Cadena Cope.

“He is the most influential coach of my career. He has elevated me to a level I didn’t know I could reach. When you get used to being with him, I say ‘why don’t they do this’, I see everything much easier. He gives you a toolbox and you have more tools than the rest. I would highlight the ability that he has to instruct his players make better use of spaces by moving less. There are few players he hasn’t taken to the top.”

However Rodri arrived at City from Atletico Madrid, and Diego Simeone also played a key role in his development.

“Yes, Yes. Simeone also elevated me to a football that I didn’t have, to competitiveness, to hunger and I grew a lot from his side as well. They propose different football but that’s the beauty of football.”

Many regard him as the best midfielder in the world currently, something evident in the role he has taken on since Sergio Busquets left the Spain side. Rodri has said his sights even higher though.

“I wanted to be better than him, and you’re talking about the best pivot of all time. Everything that comes is going to be good, getting closer already is good.”

Certainly the 27-year-old is amongst the very best, and will likely go down as one of the best Spanish players ever if he maintains his level. However Busquets’ success, including three Champions Leagues, a World Cup and a Euros will be hard to match for Rodri, while Busquets also retains a cult following not just amongst some fans, but many managers of the game.

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