“I didn’t feel respected” – Jenni Hermoso’s full testimony to Spanish prosecutors leaked

Jenni Hermoso’s statement to the Spanish prosecutors investigating the infamous “kiss” at the Women’s World Cup final has been leaked, with Marca carrying the quotes from a powerful interview.

She tells the whole story of the fateful night and her struggles since. The pressure from the Spanish FA was terrible, and she’s suffered in the aftermath of the incident.

The minutes and hours following were horrifying for Hermoso, who felt isolated and pressured by the FA who should have been caring for her. Rubiales approached her , and her family were pressured in the hours after the game.

With regards to the kiss itself, she explained that Rubiales had neither asked her consent nor indicated in any way that he would kiss her lips:

“No [I didn’t consent]. I didn’t feel respected as a person or as a player,” she said.

The investigation into Rubiales will have several witnesses, but no testimony will be more important than that of Hermoso, the unfortunate and unwilling centre of the whole terrible affair.

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