Controversy reigns over Barcelona’s disallowed goal against Granada, report uses Real Madrid strike to highlight lack of consistency

Barcelona’s 2-2 draw with Granada on Sunday felt like two points dropped for the Catalans, even despite being 2-0 down at one point. The result saw them drop three points behind leaders Real Madrid in the La Liga title race.

However, Barcelona feel that this gap should be only one, and that they were robbed of victory at Nuevo Los Carmenes. Joao Felix has a strike ruled out in stoppage after Ferran Torres, who was in an offside position, was adjudged to have interfered with play.

MD have highlighted previous goals that have been given to show that perhaps Felix’s effort should have stood against Granada. They cited Joselu Mato’s strike against Getafe earlier this season, in which the veteran striker was offside from the original free-kick, but was not adjudged to be interfering with play.

The report also cited further Real Madrid goals, one against Osasuna last season and another being Vinicius Junior’s winning goal in the Champions League final against Liverpool the season prior.

The report certainly makes for interesting reading, and highlights – once again – the inconsistency that referees have shown in La Liga. The standard of officiating has been rather poor for some time, and Barcelona will certainly feel aggrieved to have had their late goal chalked off.


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  1. how strange

    they did not seem to mention the two Penalties that were not given to Real in that Getafe game

    or that buttery soft Penalty given to them against Osasuna in 1-2 win (with an Osasuna red card to add insult to injury)

    or two penalties not given to Porto against Barcelona in Champions?

    don’t they understand that if you bait goalie as Torres did so he has to cover, you open up goal for Felix, if Torres did it from offside position the call is correct, Joselu was not even offside for that matter nr 23 was crouched and plays him on

    or Penalty on Nacho that was not a Penalty

    does this “report” makes an interesting reading as well, mr John Menzies?

    embarrassing club to talk about referees while being investigated for Referee tampering

  2. The same referee that was suspended for blatantly misrepresenting the replay to deny Barca the winning goal against Getafe.

    How strange.

  3. or that the Referee who denied Real Madrid a clear 2-2 at half time against Atletico Madrid, Alberola Rojas, is one of those who hires services of Jose Maria Enriquez Negreiras son, Javier

    the so called “coaching courses”

    so strange

    1. Because It is clear offside. Dude, have you watch the match between Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid? And what you’re telling is that if Madrid did not get that goal because of bad refereeing, other clubs also shouldn’t get the goal. What kind of logic is that? Maybe instead of focusing on other clubs like you and your, ahem, “social reject” friends, you should have focus on your own club problem. Or maybe, do you and your friends have hidden agenda? Or maybe twerking to satisfy Papa Perez? Or maybe… Negreira stuff is your club fabrication? I don’t know, time will tell. Until then, please satisfy me by showing me more of your imaginary stuff

      1. vardrid is back

        notice the “dude” usage

        notice the pain from being exposed by referring to words that stung him when he left like a lady dog with tail between his legs

        what a waste of cell materials

        your pain is tasty, I can only laugh at how pathetic you are

        …social reject

  4. So, despite several investigations producing zero evidence that Barca influenced referees or the outcome of matches you continue to assert that they did, and now you’re expanding your little conspiracy theory to include anti-Madrid bias?

    You are one pathetic little man. Don’t bother responding.

    1. perhaps you didn’t realize that there is another investigation going on, that was enough for a judge to re-investigate the case

      also you seem like a man of marginal intelligence, so I will elaborate it for you

      don’t throw rocks in a house made of glass, if your club is eager to call out other clubs maybe it should take a look at what they themselves have been receiving, regarding referee decisions

      it is my pleasure to respond and put you in your place

      1. the idiot above you missed the points completely, let’s see if you are capable of discerning a point

        I am not counting on it though

  5. Typical Real Madrid Fans, an idiot saying idiot. When you losing an argument, they instantly fallback to Negreira case. Pathetic. My condolenses for Real Madrid players having such idiots as fans

  6. refreshes an article “Real Madrid star hits back at press coverage – I’m not a criminal” whole day, has nothing else to do

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    gets laughed at, now talks to himself in comments

    unbelieveable degeneracy, hope he enjoyed 2-2 as much as I did

    ha-ha, how can anyone be this idiot haaaa

    1. And yet you keep accusing someone as the same person while it is not, while you yourself are the one who literally on every page trolling. Have some real life outside of this space. I kinda sympathy to you to be honest. Your behavior is already worrying as a human being

      1. “every page trolling” ok, that was something new

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        but his own stupidity gets in the way

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        1. Whatever you want to say mate. Already told you that’s not me. If it is suit your narrative, fine then. Unlike you, I got something else to do in real life. Take care yourself.

          By the way:
          “take the boy to the vet and put him down, he too dumb to function”

          Seems that you are starting to losing your argument battle that you use this phrase. Simple advice, If you a fan of one of the clubs, probably you should be less fanatic. It is clearly apparent with your comments

          Back again, take care mate. Your friends might say the same as you but the rest of the world see it differently

          1. Simeone: Want us to beat your beloved club again?
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