Real Madrid star hits back at press coverage – ‘I’m not a criminal’

Real Madrid defender Nacho Fernandez says he has had a tough time after the reaction to his horror challenge on Girona forward Portu last Saturday.

Nacho, 33, was widely condemned for his ‘tackle’ on Portu, which saw him stretchered off and leave the stadium in an ambulance. Portu is set to miss several weeks of action, as is Nacho, who was handed a three-game ban for his red card.

Girona fans at Montilivi responded with chants ‘assassin’ at the time, while many media outlets called the challenge ‘criminal’.

“I do not consider myself a criminal or an assassin, I consider myself a great professional. The only person I had to apologise to was Portu, and now I’m calm.”

“The sanction came out today, we had the game which is much more important than all this, we didn’t have time to talk about it. But they have been difficult days for me. Everything in this club becomes bigger than what it seems. I value the fact that I have been able to speak with Portu and that he is fine.”

Nacho is set to miss clashes against Osasuna, Sevilla and El Clasico against Barcelona.

“It makes me angry, the first one who is sad is me,” Nacho explained to Relevo.

“I have to comply with the sanction, I don’t know if the club will appeal, but three games out is not going to make Real Madrid collapse.”

As tends to be the case with Real Madrid and Barcelona, the media reponse tends to be hyperbolic, but few will sympathise with Nacho. The match was cruising to an end, with Real Madrid winning comfortably, when he made the tackle. It was fortunate that Portu was in the air and did not have his leg planted.

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  1. Girona fans call him a criminal?
    Same human waste product that chanted monkey noises to Vini?

    Nacho, dont even acknowledge mentally ill people, just ridicule them, that infuriates them even more.

    1. To M.C.

      It’s you who’s mentally ill if you think monkey chants at the same level at breaking someone’s leg. Shut down your internet and seek help.

      1. Now of course he didn’t break anyones leg so I believe you must be one of those people who argue with their own realities in order to make a point.

        Its very amusing to watch M.C. live inside your head, as it’s pretty apparent that one and same person is writing these comments under different names.

      2. 😄”break his leg” bless your soul.

        What else did he do in your confused world? Did he ran over his cat and steal his lunch money?

        A bit ironic to call out someone on mentall ilness when you display schizophrenic tendencies friendo. Maybe you should take your own advice!😄

        1. are you sure he didnt paralyze him as well and leave him in a wheelchair? is he still alive? did not he throw a hand granande at him while being stretched off.

          barcelona fans are the diapers of footballing world, i swear. the amount of insanity going around the fanbase is unprecedented.

  2. Jose, if you also think the same person is writing these comments under different names, then you must be living in the same mental institution as this mental case called M.C.

    1. “Mo Salah”

      Yeah, I recognize the name, I’ve followed this site for years and I remember your former exchanges with M.C.

      Half of my amusement from being on this site comes from seeing how he provokes you over Barcelonas situation.

      All I’m saying is the damage he does to you is impressive. You seem infuriated.

      1. You’re easily fooled. I can care less about Barcelona or MC. They can relegate barca to Segunda for all I care. After all, I heard segunda refs are cheaper to buy, so they shouldn’t have a problem coming back up to the first division. And MC can go on taking people like you for a fool.

        Keep something in mind though. As soon as you write something he doesn’t agree with, he’ll count you as the same imaginary person as the rest of those who he doesn’t agree with.

        1. Save the stories for those who get paid by hour to listen to you on next session.

          As a Real fan I couldn’t be more amused to see you suffer.

          Have a good one!

          1. Is this really the standard of typical El Real fans? Seems pathetic for me. No sportivity, nor actual banters, but someone who probably don’t even know nitty picky about sports nor watch the match.

            “As a Real fan I couldn’t be more amused to see you suffer.” : What a pathetic statement as a football fan, even lower than bribery case itself

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    1. Again, dumb people like you can’t even tell the difference in wording style. Clearly, the wording style is different. And yet, you’re really using this “It’s not unusual to visit this page once or twice a day and read the articles for 10-15 mins like I’m doing now” argument to justify that you’re actually waiting for response, which does not make any sense. Clearly again, you’re also waiting for the response. So, feeling like you’re licking your own spitting?

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