Spain put out fake Jenni Hermoso statement following kiss, Luis Rubiales asked her for joint statement

Spain are celebrating their first ever World Cup in the women’s game, 13 years on from the men’s triumph in South Africa. However much of the talk since has revolved around the head of the Spanish football association (RFEF) Luis Rubiales.

During the celebrations and live on television, Rubiales grabbed star striker Jenni Hermoso and kissed her on the lips without her consent. This incident has faced widespread backlash, after Hermoso said she did not like it, with the issue reaching the highest offices of Spanish Government.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has joined the calls for Rubiales to resign from his position, and Rubiales was absent from the celebrations in Madrid on arrival. One of the things which was working in Rubiales’ favour was a statement put out by Hermoso, declaring that she had an excellent relationship with Rubiales, and that it was a mutual show of affection.

Only those were not her words. According to Natalia Torrente of Relevo, the Communications department for the Spanish women’s national team wrote and put out that statement, which speaks in first person of Hermoso’s relationship with Rubiales. The statement was put out to the press, reported widely, and not corrected by the RFEF.

The attempts to calm the situation did not stop there. On Monday Rubiales appeared in an apology, claiming that it was again insignificant for both of them, that it was without bad intentions on either part, and that he had to learn from the incident.

Those words make much more sense when it is revealed that Rubiales tried to convince Hermoso to appear in a joint apology. Relevo’s reporting goes on to detail how Rubiales asked in front of other players, family and staff if she would join him in a video statement, which she rejected. Rubiales acknowledged that his job was on the line, and that he needed her support, something which was turned down by the footballer in front of numerous people ahead of their flight back to Madrid.

The pressure on Hermoso to save Rubiales’ face did not stop there. Manager Jorge Vilda approached Hermoso’s family on multiple occasions to try and persuade Hermoso to come out in support of Rubiales, a request which was denied outright by her family.

These allegations are serious and concerning. Spain’s players have been complaining for some time about professional standards in the national setup, and this adds more fuel to the fire that the women’s team is neither protected nor respected by the RFEF.

Attributing words to Hermoso that did not belong to her are not only morally questionable, but illegal, and should bring about a root and branch investigation into process and media operations at the RFEF.

As Rubiales teeters on the brink, the details from the aftermath of the incident continue to show a deeply problematic mindset and culture.


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