Espanyol Sporting Director confirms disciplinary action on the way for Martin Braithwaite

Espanyol striker Martin Braithwaite is facing sanctions from his own club, after he left their preseason training camp of his own accord.

The Danish striker joined up with Los Pericos last Monday, but less than a week into preseason, he has gone AWOL from their  camp in Marbella. Braithwaite is reportedly refusing to play in Segunda, and wants a move, although he is supposedly also considering retirement.

He still has two years left on his Espanyol deal though, and it seems likely Los Pericos will want a fee for him. Sporting Director Fran Garagarza told MD that they would not accept his behaviour.

“I had talked to him and he told me that he didn’t want to be here and wanted to find a way out. But the situation is very clear: the player has a contract with Espanyol and Espanyol counts on him because he’s a very important player for us. From there, there’s not much more to talk about. He doesn’t want to be here and we can’t do anything there. I can’t tie him up, but obviously what has happened is very serious and there is great disappointment.”

“Espanyol is far above all this, they have an asset called Martin and he has failed in etiquette and in everything. Let’s hope he returns, because if not, we’ll have to start talking about applying the disciplinary regime, and that’s already underway. Our members are being disrespected and we’re not going to allow that. Not from Martin nor anyone else. Anything that is not aligned with the club’s values ​​is a big mistake. It’s a serious lack of respect.”

The Catalan daily say that Braithwaite was then seen in Castelldelfells, his home in Barcelona, eating with his family. Something that sparked disbelief in the Espanyol fanbase.

“We don’t know where he is or anything. First he will have to call us and give an explanation. We’re waiting for him to come and see what he tells us. After he left, I called him, but he didn’t pick up the phone. We did speak to his agent, and he tells us that Braithwaite has decided to leave the camp and that he can’t tell us much more.”

“His approach is that he does not want to play in Second Division and we want him to play because he has a contract. For now there is no possible avenue for negotiation. The problem does not lie with the club, because the club has the player and he has a contract. If he comes with an offer, it will be studied and the club will respond. If it arrives, it will be analysed, but it has not arrived.”

It seems Braithwaite has taken his own course of action, but to what end, it is not yet clear. If indeed he is considering retirement, the consequences may matter less to him, but either way the Danish striker is likely to face the wrath of both Espanyol fans and the club itself.

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