Spain manager compares bald insults to racism in startling statements

Spain manager Luis de la Fuente has compared remarks about his lack of hair to those about the colour somebody’s skin, following insults during their Nations League celebrations.

La Roja returned from the Netherlands with their first trophy in over decade on Monday night, and were given a racous reception back in Madrid, with a few notable exceptions. Gavi was met with anti-Barcelona chants as he took to the microphone, while de la Fuente was insulted due to his being bald.

Chants of ‘bald, bald, bald’ could be heard at the WiZink Arena as he was about to speak. Later in the week he admitted he was not happy with it, as was covered by MD.

“You couldn’t hear well. Behind all the speakers and such, you could not hear it well. Those things bother me. Rude manners and disrespect bother me. There were 20 maniacs who were being annoying. It always happens in these places, that a few people are irritating and the rest are silent.”

He then made a quite shocking comparison.

“There was a magical atmosphere, but this is objectionable and denounceable. What would have happened if someone had yelled ‘black, black, black’…?”

De la Fuente’s remarks feed into a wider culture that has been present in recent months of not being able to differentiate racism and other insults. Due to the weight of history, racism quite clearly carries far more weight than insulting someone for other characteristics, lamentable though that may be.

However the habit of characterising racism as just another form of insult shocked many outside of Spain in the aftermath of racist incidents involving Vinicius Junior. These comments only further underline a lack of understanding or empathy.

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  1. Tbh calling someone fat,bald,ugly,stupid is still believe it or not is still a form of abuse,a certain individual who uses this site often uses the exact same term against another particular coach although personally i see his as more jealousy than abuse anyways de la Fuentes has just won his first title with spain and what appreciation does he get for it ? this s##t from a minority of people disgusting and embarrassing and shameful,just because this isn’t highlighted worldwide like racism is doesn’t make it ok or the norm and anybody else who says or thinks it was only a joke,or they were only having a laugh i say to use bullshit it’s still abuse whatever way you look at it from and whether you see it that way or not,hes 110% right and i totally agree with him if they had shouted black,black,black there would have been arrests everywhere,multiple news reports world wide,investigations,documentaries,films,court cases,criminal charges you name it the works its crazy but sadly that’s the sad state of the world we live in today and it will only get worse and worse.

    1. A weirdo who is racist on another alter ego nickname on this site triviliazes racism with his third and compares it with abducting blacks, lynching them, treating as second class people and so on. Who would have thought.

      Let me know when they capture Baldiño and use him as cheap labor somewhere, then I might take it seriously.

      Besides you might want to check up what jealousy means, search it up on a slow people friendly dictionary 🫵😆

  2. I think you will find that when vinicious jr was racially abused by some valencia fans there was an article highlighted on this very website to which i MYSELF wrote a very lengthy comment condemning it totally and how it was also disgusting,embarrassing and shameful and that it needed to stop asap,go back on the past real madrid news and you will see and read it for yourself so you calling me a weirdo,racist with an alter ego only makes me laugh friend it doesn’t annoy me in the slightest if that’s your opinion then so be it each to their own,my REAL point here is and I’m going to make this as crystal clear for you as i can I CONDEMN RACISM OF ANY KIND black,white,blue,purple,gay,straight fat,skinny,clever,stupid,able bodied,disabled all of it,you cant have all this constant worldwide publicity,campaigns,arrests,criminal charges,documentaries,news reports,tv shows,films highlighting just one type of abuse and then just put aside,turn a blind eye,lock away,dont talk about,dont highlight all the other numerous just as damaging and just as important various types of abuse in the world today that or this is the REAL point I’m making here friend,as regarding the jealousy of the particular manager i simply don’t understand what that particular manager ever done to you personally to call him baldy everytime you refer to him on here,only you yourself can answer that i suppose so I’ll leave it there.

  3. Dennis dont worry yourself I’m well educated but thanks for your concern,and to said it doesn’t matter what or which team i support or dont support.

  4. HOLY COW this guy Sam is an i….t.

    Calling someone bald isn’t nearly as bad as calling someone racial slurs. There is no generational injustice, dehumanization and trauma attached to someone being bald part; only human vanity being hurt over aging. And noone with a molecule of self-esteem would care about it, except the manlet on the picture up there.

    You complete dips…t.

    Tell to a black person “Yeah, you have been called n-words and mono but what about someone being called bald, now thats just as bad” and he will floor your ignorat pip-squeak ass on the spot where you stand.

  5. This lines up with the black lives matter movement view you have as that movement would lead you to believe that only black lives matter this shows your similar opinion as you only believe that there can only be one type of abuse when as i pointed out there is numerous types of abuse ranging from disability,sex,race,religion so unlike you i understand all forms of abuse and not just one form of abuse like use.

  6. Thanks for your suggestion Kevin 👍👏 and i have decided im going to use you for my transport as your a complete rocket 🚀🚀🚀🚀😂🤣

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