Lionel Messi offers Kylian Mbappe Real Madrid advice

Lionel Messi has weighed in on the debate over Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid.

Mbappe has confirmed his intention not to activate a contract extension clause with Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

The France captain is under contract at the Parc des Prices until 2024, with an option to extend that deal, by a further 12 months.

However, the clause needs to be triggered this summer, and Mbappe has indicated he is unwilling to do that.

The former AS Monaco hotshot intends to stay in Paris in 2023/24, and hinted he could change his mind over staying, depending on the situation in Paris next season.

Long term admirers Real Madrid are keeping an eye on the latest updates on Mbappe but they are set to wait until 2024, to launch a free transfer offer.

Messi and Mbappe formed a deadly partnership at PSG in the last two seasons, prior to Messi’s incoming departure to Inter Miami, and the Argentinian has tipped Mbappe to join Los Blancos.

“I told him, I prefer you to go to Barca, but if you want to go to Madrid, do it, you deserve a real winning project”, as per reports from Defensa Central.

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  1. Sorry gnome but you can take that tendetious advice and shove it. It lacks credibility and its not attached to any sort of reality, since bribELona dont have the funds for it and he has a bit higher ambitions than play for a club that loses in EL.

    Unless of course, youre suggesting him to leave money on table for the privilege of playing for a club in economical shambles that extort its players to lower their salary agreed by contract.

    Speaking of that, since you love the club so much – why didnt you rip up your old contract and re-signed at a lower salary (before moving to PSG) if you love brokELona that much? No, instead you went for the BIIIG money. Or wait…. why didnt you sig with brokELona now instead of going to US? Thats called hypocrisy, cataIanimaI favorite passtime.

    It has been pretty obvious to anyone who has followed Mbappe (and know how to Google for older pics of him) that he is a RM and CR fan since he was a child; his room was full of posters of Madrid players.

    1. Messi talked about winning project not a one off thing,it is obvious that within few season either Barca or Madrid will still conquer Europe which exactly what Mbappe is looking for.

      1. Its nice to dream n stuff, but only time bribELona had a winning project in their 100+ year old history was during gnomes prime. Even with him they havent won CL since 2015 and do I really have to repeat what happened last 2 years to the tune of 660mil burned?

        They dont have money to be a serious competitor as of now, all they can compete for is Liga. You need depth to be a winning project. They can hope for scraps or pray that they win the lottery and luck out on another gnome.

        Thats when we come back to gist of my argumentation. If Mbappe had any nostalgia towards bribELona as he had with Real growing up and idolising CR and Zidane, I guess he could have agreed to play for literal peanuts in brokELona. Since even that is out of equation, nothing speaks for him joining a club he holds no affection towards, for 1/2 the money and 1/2 the sporting success. Even PSG are guaranteed perennial CL competitors (unlike bribELona) and win league constantly where bribELona won CL 2015 and one Liga in 4 years.

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