WATCH: Gavi takes to microphone during Spain celebrations, greeted with offensive Barcelona chants

Spain have lifted their first international trophy since 2012, securing the Nations League on penalties on Sunday night. However it was not sufficient to make some fans forget their club allegiances for 24 hours.

La Roja arrived back in Spain with the red carpet out for the victors, and the players were clearly enjoying themselves at the WiZink Arena, where they were greeted by fans celebrating with them.

That included Ballon d’Or chants for Joselu Mato, who was speaking his first words as a Real Madrid player in the arena where Real Madrid’s basketball team play their home games. Meanwhile Fabian Ruiz admitted he was having a good time, but not as good as Jack Grealish.

However as Gavi took to the stage, the atmosphere lost some of its festive nature. The teenage sensation greeted the crowd, and as he paused to work out what to say, chants of ‘F*** Barca’ were clearly audible.

After thanking the fans who supported them through both games, Gavi finished his short contribution with Viva Espana – long live Spain.

Cliques have occurred between players before in the Spain camp, but despite the harmony at this point in time, the fans at the WiZink could not separate their distaste for Barcelona from their supposed love for Spain. Only in isolated instances, with Gerard Pique for instance, have Barcelona players received whistles or anything of the like from Spain fans.

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  1. Rivalry is good for the sport. Gavi has never hesitated to slight Madrid when given the chance, and Madrid responded in kind. As long as the racist morons can be kept in check and the projectiles stay in the stands, there’s nothing wrong with a little give and take.

  2. Sword cuts both ways. Noone booed Iniesta whom I respect due to his non inflammatory actions and interviews in media and someone gavi cant even reach up to the knee.
    Asked yourself why these people are booing you, punk?

  3. Lol very immature to harass an 18 year old for simply playing with passion for his club. Gavi has not been disrespectful to Spain or any club. His only crime is his style of play and how he fights for Barca on the pitch. With Pique it was a bit understandable because of the comments he made but Gavi has never looked down on Madrid or Spain. His previous comments on Madrid were not disrespectful but rather shows his mentality and how Barca is just focused on Barca. Not everyone is like Iniesta. Everyone can appreciate Sergio Ramos playing style for example so to harass an 18 year old because of his playing style is such low class. You can have differences but everyone should be able to agree that racism in sports and harassing an 18 year old is not it.

  4. Noone is harassing the poor 18 year old, it is a mere reaction stemming from fruits of his own behaviour.
    I know that Barca fans love to portray themselves as victims, but this is cringeworthy even for your own standards.
    Your dishonesty of witholding him demeaning Madrid as a club “he doesnt even care about” or “know that they exist during Liga celebrations” (even though he talks about Real Madrid club de Futbol very often) is disrespectful and pretty far from truth or your pitch of “not being disrespectful”.
    But since you are a Barca fan, truthful testimony is not expected from you.

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