Dani Alves explains actions in sexual assault case – ‘I did it to prove my innocence’

Former Barcelona, Sevilla and Brazil footballer Dani Alves remains in prison as he awaits trial for sexual assault, but has said that he will prove his innocence.

Alves recently had a second appeal to be let out of prison on bail turned down, as he was determined a flight risk.

The 40-year-old Brazilian has explained that he initially lied about what happened in order to save his relationship. He claimed at first that he did not know the accusing party, but then admitted that he had a consensual sexual relationship with her in a club bathroom.

“Only two people know what happened and especially what didn’t happen. I’m telling the truth. I think everyone understands that I was trying to save my marriage and that’s why I said what I said in the first place. That was the only reason and I have nothing to hide. There is talk of infinite versions and I have only testified twice before the judge,” he said, according to Nacho Abad via MD.

Joana Sanz, Alves’ partner, has left Alves while he is in prison, but has returned to visit Alves in prison.

The former right-back went on to complain about the length of time he had spent in prison without trial, and also claimed his actions were not those of an innocent man.

“I have been in prison since January 20 and I have not yet been tried. It will be proven that I am not guilty and it was a consensual relationship. It would never occur to me to impose the sexual act on anyone as has been written.”

“I went to the police office of my own free will from Mexico and I refused to go to Brazil, a country that would not have collaborated with Spain in giving me up. I did it to defend myself and prove my innocence.”

According to recent data on the topic, the number of reported rape cases is up 53.2% in Spain between 2019 and 2022, and 2,870 penetrative sexual assault cases were recorded in 2022.

Despite these numbers, there were only 46 rape convictions in 2021, matched against 2,618 rape reports. While the timing of the legal system does not allow for a direct year on year comparison, as a percentage number that is a 1.7% conviction rate. It would thus be fair to estimate, with margin allowed for error, that 95% of rape cases go unpunished. This quite clearly does not include rapes that go unreported too.

It should be noted that Alves is on trial for penetrative sexual assault rather than rape, but these numbers speak to a larger issue in dealing with sexual violence.

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