Revealed: The match that Real Madrid are alleged to have match-fixed

This week, journalist Jose Maria Garcia claimed Real Madrid were involved in fixing a match in the 1990s, under the presidency of Lorenzo Sanz, and that there is a tape in a safe of an entire game at the Santiago Bernabeu, where a game was “sold”.

MD have revealed which game Garcia has been referring to. It was a match between Real Madrid Castilla and Almeria in 1996, which Garcia himself recounted back in 2016, although nothing came of his accusations then.

The match, which was played at the Bernabeu, finished 1-1, which allowed Almeria to avoid relegation from Segunda A, and it meant that Sestao failed to beat the drop instead.

It should be noted that Garcia has yet to provide any evidence beyond his claims, and given that there has already been an investigation by the Competition Committee into the matter, which found there to be a lack of evidence, it seems unlikely that the situation will go further.

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  1. It should be noted that Garcia does not provide any evidence for these accusations”

    We noticed that in last article, will paste what I wrote from there.

    No receipts as Negreira?

    Not even worth the digital ink the claim is printed with. I know revanchistic brokELona dark forces will try their best to prop up their people to draw RMs name in same mud they have been for 2 decades. Unfortunately, without receipts, youre only club in Spain living with this shame. 🫵😆

    Just take a look at this credibility account:

    “Garcia was one of the most prominent journalists in Spain two decades ago, leading one of Spain’s late-night radio shows at Cadena Cope before moving into television. He crossed paths with current Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, and has alleged previously that the former press officer at Real Madrid tried to bribe him in front of Perez.”

    Lololol. A person who had it in for Perez even before. Now that’s credible. Maybe he tried to blackmail Perez and cooked up a story? We all know today what presstltutes are prepared to do for money.

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