Family of former Real Madrid President to take legal action following claims of match-fixing

This week, journalist Jose Maria Garcia claimed Real Madrid were involved in fixing a match in the 1990s, under the presidency of Lorenzo Sanz, who was in charge from 1995 to 2000.

Garcia alleges that Los Blancos were involved in the fixing of the match between Real Madrid Castilla and Almeria in 1996, the game finishing in draw which allowed the latter to avoid relegation that season.

Garcia also claims that Sanz’s children delivered and received money during the deals, and one of the late Real Madrid President’s offspring has now responded to these accusations.

Fernando Sanz, in a statement posted on Twitter, has confirmed that he will be taking legal action against Garcia following his claims.

“With regard to the statements made by the journalist Mr. Jose Maria Garcia Perez, collected by different media, we categorically deny them, being absolutely tendentious and false, so they may constitute crimes against honour undermining the dignity and prestige of the people he mentions, and the memory of our father and the club he so loyally served.

“These statements being a set of slander and insults about the possible sale of a match by Real Madrid in which we are directly and personally involved in relation to deliveries of money, also lacking the right to truth and good reputation and imputing facts that, if true, would constitute a crime and advised by our lawyers. We announce the initiation of legal actions to restore the truth, our honour and that of our late father and that of the club he so proudly presided.”

Real Madrid have yet to comment on the situation.

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  1. “Fernando Sanz, in a statement posted on Twitter, has confirmed that he will be taking legal action against Garcia following his claims.”

    Unlike laporta, who apparently had a reason not to sue Negreira for slander (read: he knew he wouldn’t want to be sat down on an interrogation chair under oath) this is a reaction of a man who knows he has nothing to hide.

  2. Negreira has never accused Laporta of doing anything illegal, which is why Laporta has never sued him for slander.

    The Spanish tax authorities started the ball rolling because of irregularities with Negreira’s business, and it’s actually Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell that are being accused along with the club. From The Athletic;

    “Barcelona have been charged with corruption over payments they made to the vice-president of Spanish football’s refereeing committee.

    Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira, who held that role between 1994 and 2018, is also facing charges of corruption in a case brought by the Spanish public prosecutor’s office, as is Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barca president from 2014-2020, and Sandro Rosell, president from 2010-2014.”

    1. Are we pretending like you are being as usual? Youre trying to say you dont know that Iaporta was also club president during negreiras tenure and laportas own involvement is implied? The receipts stretch over two decades. While he never directly accused him of anything, laporta being president during his tenure is indirectly saying he was involved.

      Hahah rosell and bartomeu are being accused because laporta is current president and regime is looking to scapegoat them and whitewash themselves. Had rosell been president laporta and bartomeu would have been accused. The club is a rats nest, bartomeu already accused laporta in laporta Uzbekistan affair and bartomeu was under fire for i7 ventures. What they say holds no water as they are at eachothers throats all the time and pretend to be clean themselves, while dumdum lap it up. You arent one of those people I assume?

      BribELona even threatened to sue journalists who mentioned Negreira in a way they perceived unfit, but not the man himself? Especially over the claims such as league would have been won with his help.

      ” In a two-hour press conference, finally called eight weeks after the first reports appeared that payments of more than €7m were allegedly made to the former vice-president of the referee’s committee, José María Enríquez Negreira, over an 18-year period, he went on the attack, declaring he would “defend the institution until my last drop of blood”

      Being passive over Negreira isn’t defending the club to last drop. He knows he is guilty himself and thats why he wants to avoid a juridical process; being lawyer himself obviously helps with the selective thinking.

      As I mentioned, somewhere on the spectrum.

  3. You made a comment that Laporta hasn’t sued Negreira for slander because he’s afraid to go under oath. Obviously, that’s false, and I explained why.

    You got your little feelers hurt because I debunked your little theory, and went off on yet another of your tangential rants because you just KNOW things. Apparently the Spanish authorities don’t have the evidence you have, so instead of melting down on this platform, maybe you should send it to them. I’m sure they’ll get a chuckle out of it. I know I have been during this whole saga.

    1. You clearly have demonstrated that youre incapable of thinking in more than one dimension and Ive elaborated why, laportas name isnt exempt from being dragged in the bribery mess since he was in fact president during that 18 year long payment period and all comments Negreira gave about wanting more money and how the club would be better off with him and that he could help them with VAR obviously apply to him as well.
      Clearly, people who arent on spectrum understand that, but I also understand why YOU understand that.

      Ive noticed that you didnt adress any of arguments and instead proceeded with a pointless word salad about feeleers, so Ill notch that down to yet another capitulation, thanks for amusing me yet again.

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