WATCH: Florentino Perez interaction Vinicius Junior gives Real Madrid Sunday League feel

Real Madrid have recently released a documentary detailiing their trip to Paris and subsequent conquering of their 14th Champions League title. While it is fascinating to see inside the belly of the beast, several moments of amusement have been revealed as much as anything else.

Ahead of the Champions League final, President Florentino Perez can be seen wishing the players luck ahead of the game, shaking their hands on their way out of the dressing room.

Sharing a comment here or there with various players, Perez assures Vinicius what he has to do – take off his jewellery.

It is a scene that many are familiar with during their own careers as footballers, whatever the level – although generally it is simply the manager chastising the star in question rather than a president.

Further scenes of a similar nature also show a conversation with Carlo Ancelotti before the final in a hotel room, with Perez telling the Italian that he has to win. Ancelotti asks Perez how many Champions Leagues he has won (the response is five), before responding ‘Some pressure’ to his president – perhaps somewhere between the truth and the joke he framed it as.

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