Real Madrid and Barcelona suffer major blow to European Super League as Juventus pull out of project

The European Super League continues to be a talking point, with the project having been resurrected over the last few months, following its original collapse in 2021.

In February, new proposals for the tournament were launched, which would see the number of teams competing drastically increased, although this has been met with the same disdain from football’s governing bodies.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus kept the Super League alive when it failed two years ago, but Relevo have now reported that the Italian giants are set to pull out of the project, and they have notified their fellow founders of their intention to do so.

Juventus have taken the decision firmly, although with it being a bureaucratic process, it will take a few weeks in order for it to be finalised.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have been at each other’s throats this year over the Caso Negreira scandal, and following this news, the European Super League could be doomed to fail.

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  1. Lets see, Juve is threatened to lose points, they pull out of SL.
    BribELona has the infamous bribe scandal around their necks, I predict they also will pull out.

    Good thing cartel called UEFA isnt using extortion methods to ensure their monopoly, totally in accordance with EU free competition policies.

    Modus operandi is therefore following: f you have nothing on RM, make sure to tighten the thumbscrews on clubs that are compromised so there wont be noone left?

    Meanwhile, barceIoonatics still think Perez is behind Negreira circus. ROFL.

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