Telling Xavi Hernandez answers reveal Barcelona thinking on Ansu Fati sale – ‘This is not a charity’

Barcelona are likely to make sale this summer in order to move back inside their salary limit and be capable of making signings again. One of the prime candidates to leave the club is Ansu Fati, and Xavi Hernandez’s latest answers will not provide the young footballer with optimism ahead of next season.

During an interview with MD, Xavi was asked whether Raphinha, another player that has been suggested could be a way of raising of funds, might be sold.

“No, Raphinha is a very important footballer for me,” Xavi said clearly.

Xavi did leave some room for space, leaving it open for the club to contradict him, but said he did not want Raphinha hitting the market.

“No, no. Raphinha, if it’s up to me, stays at Barca and is going to help us a lot. He has helped us, he has made a difference. He has made a lot of differences.”

When asked about Fati, the contrast in answers spoke volumes.

“First we have to know the scenario next week and from there decide. Ansu is a footballer that I really like and I have given him many opportunities and he has taken advantage of them on many occasions, and he has helped us, he has helped us a lot. And it is evident that he comes out of a very difficult situation for a footballer, which is injury and then injury and injury and injury. He has to have continuity in training as well as in matches, and from there we will decide.”

Xavi then spoke in generalisations when it was put to him that he could not guarantee Ansu’s future at the club. This comes off the back of Ansu reportedly being made aware of Barcelona’s desire to sell him.

“I can’t guarantee it to anyone. I mean, I can’t promise. When I go to sign a footballer I can’t say that, that you’re going to play forever. I tell them that you are going to compete, you are going to compete with this guy, with this guy and with this guy. This is Barcelona. This is not a charity.”

The contrast between Xavi’s assessment of the two situations is fairly stark.

To an extent, Xavi hits on the crucial issue for Fati under him. At Barcelona, he is unable to give him a run of games without consistent performances ahead of other players, which is likely the only way to get him back up to speed following so many torrid injuries.

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