The reason Lionel Messi is in a hurry to decide future in coming days

Lionel Messi is expected to make a decision on his future in the coming days or weeks, as he looks to settle on a new team this summer, with a stay at Paris Saint-Germain looking highly unlikely.

Barcelona have openly declared their interest in Messi, alongside Saudi Arabia and Inter Miami, although recent reports say it is unlikely to be the Blaugrana due to the fact that they have not been able to make an offer for him yet. They are still awaiting La Liga’s approval for their viability plan, which will allow them to sign players again.

Many have expressed surprise at Messi’s apparent hurry to make a decision, given the fact that there is a full month before the transfer window opens. However Gerard Romero has reported that Messi’s haste is inspired by an expiry date on the offer that he has from Saudi Arabia – in 15 days it will expire.

Romero goes on to say that Barcelona have modified some of their viability plan and are hopeful to get to get approval from La Liga, and thus be able to offer Messi a deal – they are awaiting their plans to pass through an external assessor.

Messi’s father and agent Jorge has called La Liga to explain the situation, that they need the security of an offer in order to consider returning to Barcelona. For their part, the Blaugrana have asked Messi to hold onto at least Monday in order to give them a chance to make an offer.

This would explain the hurry, and it is no surprise that Messi’s entourage are keen to avoid a repeat of what happened last time when Messi was offered a deal by Barcelona, and then that offer was withdrawn at the last moment. That said, it seems unlikely that Messi could not delay Saudi Arabia if he wanted, on account of the fact he is Lionel Messi. The Argentine is a unique asset to Saudi Arabia, and whomever they offer other deals to, it will not equate to having Messi in the country.

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